Why you are getting no views on your YouTube Shorts (don’t worry!)

Are you having issues with YouTube Shorts now getting any views or traffic? Today we’re gonna talk about how to fix your issues with YouTube shorts & why you shouldn’t worry!

I am NOT a pro-YouTuber, but incredibly passionate about growing my brand & love tech. Our channel is several years old, but a long time since I posted. Started the channel back up about a month & a half ago.

Since then, we have gotten 200 new subs & are growing our brand daily with our “normal” content. You should check out our channel here!

We are taking YouTube Shorts on a more serious level. We want to experiment and see if we can grow our channel even faster as an early adopter of this new feature. Getting used to sharing information in a short time frame like that has been an obstacle for me.


On to the numbers…


So far the most views I have on a short is almost 600, it was posted 2 days ago. My “normal” videos have less than 100 views, some have more, but most have less. Videos that have been up from the old times have over 1000 views, but nothing crazy.
Shorts work, they get more views to your videos… BUT

I don’t see that great of a subscribe rate. Maybe it’s me (most likely), but I attempt to do all of the psychological things that would make people sub. 

Take that example of the short from two days ago with 600 views, do you know how many subscribers I got from it? 1


Now compare it to a “normal” video I posted with just 60 views, that got 1 sub as well.


So a video that got 10x more views didn’t get 10x the return on subs. I didn’t expect it to & maybe that number is wrong. The viewer could have clicked a card and subbed from another video.


Here is how YouTube Shorts work right now…


It seems like you upload your YouTube Short & nothing happens. You get no views or traffic even though you did everything correctly.
Listen, this isn’t rocket science… this is how to properly upload a YouTube Short
1. Make sure the video is vertical format
2. Under 60 seconds
3. Put #shorts in the description (this probably won’t matter for long)
YouTube Shorts aren’t instant


This could be several things, maybe YT is just really throttling incoming shorts for whatever reason. It could be a million things, but they just don’t register in whatever the “shorts” algorithm is right away.


In MY EXPERIENCE it has taken at least 48-72 hours to see ANY traction on shorts. At that point, they will show up as a traffic source under your analytics.


Again, we have a tiny following, only 252 subs. Maybe channels with higher followings see quicker growth in the shorts algorithm? Lots of big guys are seeing great success so maybe they get first dibs?

This has happened EVERY single time. I upload, do all the things, & nothing. Then suddenly days later I will see a massive increase in traffic on those videos.


I have posted videos that were just under a min, some that were 10 sec, and then others in the 30-sec range. No difference in results yet, though I will avoid longer ones at this point.


My best guess again is that this is a beta version that isn’t even close to being out in the US so they are taking it slow. YT has made lots of design changes as well if you haven’t noticed on the app.


It 100% looks like shorts will be their big push since the add media button has now been put front and center. It’s so similar to TikTok that you can see where the next few years will be heading towards.


I don’t care how you feel about Tik Tok, short videos, or trends. If you want to be successful in this wave of YT & the internet in general, you need to start.


We recently started using Tik Tok to grow our following as well & it really inspired me to use the short video format more. People talk a lot of crap about these kids that dance around on there, but man is there some creative people!


Hope this helps some of yall!

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