Selling ALL of my Utah sourcing SECRETS cause we moved!

I will tell you EXACTLY what thrift stores in Utah make you the MOST $$$!

We sold our home in Ogden & moved to Colorado, now we are selling our secrets!

This guide will show you every single place we sourced used inventory from in Utah. The stores we talk about helped us start a 6 figure eBay side hustle from home in LESS than a year!

If you live anywhere from Logan to West Jordan, this is the guide for YOU!

Save time & gas money, just steal our SECRET SPOTS & start making money TODAY!!!

No idea how to sell stuff online?

No big deal, we did the grunt work for you & put together this FREE Starter Guide to Reselling online! Pair it with the Utah Thrift Guide & you will be on your way! 


I will tell you EXACTLY where I shopped in Utah to sell over $200,000 worth of used stuff!


  • Years of thrifting knowledge based around the Wasatch Front. Skip the headache and wasted gas money & learn where to shop!


  • 25 Utah Thrift Stores covered with my personal overview & experience with each one! Not just a good or bad review, but I tell you why each store is great or not!


  • Nothing held back! If a store sucks, I tell you. If I made a big win there, I tell you!


First Hand Knowledge!

This isn’t a whipped up course to make a quick buck, its YEARS of trial & error!

Shyanne & I both HATED the jobs we had in Utah so the goal was to create a steady business that would actually pay our bills! Nothing in this guide will be theory.

I went to every store in this guide.


So much gas wasted going to stores that never made us a penny!

Some stores are amazing & others just plain SUCK! I hate it when people waste time, so we made it very clear which stores you should avoid!


Finally Made it Work!

After a while, we learned what stores had the best inventory, for the lowest prices!

Though these numbers you see here are current, our business in Utah sold over $100,000 worth of used stuff in the FIRST year! The intention of this guide is to fast track you to that number!


Get the Utah Thrift Store Guide!

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How will this help me?

I will save you time & gas money from going to crappy thrift stores! Plus, I will tell you where to focus all of your efforts!

Why should I buy this?

Because it will open your eyes a bit more to your market. I wasn’t born in Utah so my outsider perspective is unique!

What is included?

The Utah Thrift Store Guide is packed with easy to read breakdowns of each thrift store we went to from Logan to West Jordan! 

Is this going to teach me how to re-sell?

No! We cover the very basics with some free bonus content, but this is mainly intended for people who already understand reselling online.

What part of Utah will this work for?

We cover from Logan to West Jordan. Most of my money was made from Ogden to Salt Lake City, so that is where we focus.

Do I get direct access to you?

Unless there is an issue with the order, this purchase does not get direct access or mentorship from us. For more of a 1-on-1 experience, consider our other courses!

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