What is the Utah Thrift Guide?

  • EXACTLY where I shopped to do $100,000 in sales our first year on eBay, all local places in Utah! Includes stores & random locations that you may not know of!


  • How to resell used items in Utah either locally or online to make extra cash! This side hustle turned into a legit business for our family!


  • Some stores NEVER get good inventory or just charge too much. Save time & gas by skipping over these losing locations while focusing on the money makers!


  • Insider tips on when, where, & how to consistently make money from thrift stores in Utah! Know who your competition is & understand the local market better than ever!


  • If you live between Salt Lake City & Logan, this WILL help you! 30 day money-back guarantee!


Sneak peek inside!

Who are we?

Hi! We're Sebby & Shy!

We HATED our jobs in Utah, so we did anything to quit them!

How did we make money?

By going to thrift stores & selling used items online or locally. Nothing crazy & any normal person can do the same!

Nothing here is difficult to understand, just takes a bit of time & effort.

Thrift shopping is SO good for the local community! These stores have too much inventory to handle, resellers are a vital part of the ecosystem!

This side hustle changed our families life forever, we know it can do the same for you!

Why buy this?

Make MORE money by spending less time shopping

Waste less time by avoiding AWFUL stores!

Inside edge over your local competition!

Things you NEED to know!

What parts of Utah is this for?

We focus our efforts between Ogden & Salt Lake City. That’s where the best places are, but we do venture out and talk about stores from Logan to South Jordan!

How will this help me?

I will tell you exactly where to find the best used stuff in Utah. Most importantly I will tell you where to avoid to save time & gas! 

Why is this special?

Finding the best places to find used inventory to resell online is hard. It takes years of trial & error. Let me save you all that time & money by just giving you our secrets!

How much have you sold online?

In the past three years, we have sold over $300k worth of used stuff online! Something like 8000 unique items! Though we only focus on eBay now, it all started on Poshmark for us!

Why give SECRETS out?

Simple… we moved to Colorado & never plan on coming back to Utah.

This information simply won’t help us anymore, but it WILL help you!

100% SAFE!

If you REALLY don’t think that our program helped you, I will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Start your side hustle today!

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the best sourcing spots in Utah for just $14.99!