Live in Utah & need help finding used inventory to re-sell on eBay?

Utah thrift stores made my family over $100,000... here are those stores!

Live anywhere near the Wasatch Front or Salt Lake City?

Come see how to make over $4000 a month from Utah thrift stores!

I spent three years thrifting in Utah and building up our used eBay business to $100,000 a year in sales. Over that time we have sold over 7000 unique items online & locally.

This guide will show you which stores I used from Logan to West Jordan!

Utah is a thrifters paradise!

This mini-course is designed for those who live anywhere between Logan & West Jordan,

Our business was built in Ogden, but I explored everywhere including: Brigham City, Riverdale, Layton, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, & West Jordan

Why this is worth $29…

  1. The amount of gas I wasted going to crappy stores is insane, don’t be like me.. save time & energy. Learn what stores suck, I make it very where NOT to go!
  2. Insider tips on how to find the best deals, consistently! Utah is great for thrift stores, but there are some pro tips that you need to be aware of!
  3. Think outside the box… everyone can just fo a thrift store to find inventory, we talk about other sources that are often overlooked!

Our business now sells mostly used clothing. Kinda runs itself, but it has also taken a ton of effort to get to this point. Last month we sold almost $11k worth of USED CLOTHING!

Guys! Anything is possible, you just have to start something! I never thought years ago when we were just selling stuff out of our closet that it would all come to this, but it has. It all started for us in Utah, now I want the same for you!

$29 is not a-lot of money, but it is enough to weed out people who just want quick cash. This is an investment for people who want to save some time and get some insider pro tips.

This is a mini-course designed only for those people who live in Utah. There are no lessons about actually selling of items, this is an overview of local sourcing spots, I break down a bunch of thrift stores and pretty much tell you where to shop.


I quit the job I hated in just 6 months because I re-sold used stuff online.


Join now & get some bonus goodies! 

We want everyone to have an easy start so we included our Sales Tracking Spreadsheet!

Tweak it or use it as is, just use something to track your sales!


Get the Utah Thrift Store Guide Now!

Spend $29 now to save years of gas money driving around to crappy stores that don’t make you a penny! In this business, time really is money!




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