Thrift tips from 6 figure eBay seller to get better clothes for less money!

Too often people complain that clothing is too expensive or they can’t find good deals at thrift stores.

I teach people that wearing nice clothing doesn’t have to cost a fortune & that thrifting can make you SO MUCH MONEY! 

Hi guys!

My name is Sebastian & I love clothes! I especially love high-end clothing and crazy low prices!

The wife & I sell used clothing from home for our full-time income, but sometimes I find some things that I love & have to keep. That’s what this post will be about!

If you wanna read my crazy story about leaving restaurants & getting my first sales job in the middle of SOHO, with no fashion experience at all… read this post!

This post will outline some awesome pieces I found recently at thrift stores. Along with that, I will throw in some of the most helpful thrifting tips that have made me well over $100,000!

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Vintage L.L Bean Backpack

I will tell you right now, I’m super picky when it comes to minor details on items I wear / use.

A problem I had recently was trying to find a great backpack for everyday use.
I wanted something vintage, fun, easy to use & practical.

Along came this vintage LL Bean bag. Found it a few days ago at the thrift store for $4 & I am in LOVE!

It is the perfect pack for a dad on the move that still wants to look cool, but function just as well.

That is a big issue with most older stuff, the actual use of the item sucks.

I love vintage, but wearing most of it isn’t practical. 


I don’t want my backpack to just look cool, I want to be able to trust that it will help me get through my day with no issues. From carrying stuff to keeping things protected from the elements, I depend on this thing to keep my life going.

This pack is awesome because where it actually rests on your back is padded, so for someone like me who is always carrying camera gear, it makes it not so miserable. 

I use my GO PRO 8 as pretty much my primary camera for daily stuff. Sure, we have a Fuji Xh-1 as well, and I LOVE it, but the Go Pro is just too easy to use!

Wish it had a chest strap, but since this is just a quick day pack, I’m okay that it doesn’t.

When out and about, my daily tripod is the Joby Gorilla Pod for mirrorless cameras.

Great simple tripod to use with my Fuji XH-1 & Fuji 35mm f/2 daily carry camera setup!

Now if you want to find a backpack like this, I suggest going on eBay and trying to find one…
In fact, here is the link to the eBay search results!

Adidas NMD Gore-Tex Triple Black Shoes

My winter go-to!

I’m at this point in my life where the only thing that matters is being comfortable in the clothes I wear. No more suits, jeans, or boots. 

If it doesn’t stretch or provide me some sort of practicality, I’m not interested!

That’s why these Adidas NMD Triple Black Gore-Tex shoes are my go-to winter shoe.. they just make life so damn EASY. If you don’t know Gore-Tex is a fancy embedded Nylon that pretty just makes things more water-resistant, while still maintaining breathability.

It is one of the best materials for any daily use item that will experience water, snow, or rain.

Good luck trying to find these for sale anywhere, pretty tough to find new ones, plus most people don’t sell the used ones as these shoes are really that great!

If you do want to try to find a pair, this search on eBay will help you get there...
Search for NMD Gore-Tex Sneakers

I can literally walk through snow in these and nothing will happen. It is insane how well they work. 

These work just as well at keeping my feet dry as my winter boots did, but these are a million times better to wear! No longer do you have to wear heavy boots just to keep your feet dry!

 James Perse Yosemite Puffer Jacket    

How did I find a $500 jacket for $30? By thrift shopping!

Literally looks brand new too, that’s the best part!

If you want to see another awesome haul of designer stuff from the thrift store, check out this post!

Onto this amazing jacket... sadly I don’t think I will be keeping it since the profit vs the practicality isn’t worth it.

I don’t give a shit about designer name brands, I only care about the utmost build quality. I’d rather sell this and get a jacket more intended on hiking, rather than a fashion show.


Lululemon Surge Hybrid Pants

You know that one thing you have in your closet that every time it’s clean, you can’t wait to wear it? 

These pants are that for me…

Upstairs they are like gym shorts, kinda loose. But around your lower thigh, they start to taper down into leggings. It is the oddest thing ever as you never really see pants like this.

You can see that these are literally skin tight leggings once they go past your knees. I LOVE IT!

I HATE skinny jeans, these are so stretchy that it feels like you aren’t even wearing anything! Most men won’t be comfortable wearing pants like this as most men are too insecure to wear tights. For the ones that do, you will love me after you try these!

These retail for like $120, I got them lightly used on Mercari for just $65. Literally were brand new without tags.

I would pay retail price for these. Worth every single penny. 

Todd Snyder x Champion Crewneck

I raided a thrift store that had a bunch of this collab stuff from Todd Snyder miss priced. Pretty much bought several thousand worth of designer clothes for under $600.

Kept a bunch of it for me as I needed new winter stuff. I love this collab. My soft spot when it comes to clothing is sportswear.

My only idea of success is wearing sweatsuits & expensive basics.

That flat lay is pretty much my daily work from home fit.
I mix up the hoodie & t-shirts, but for the most part that is what I work in. Most of my business is run from home, when I’m out and about the sweat pants will be switched to something like the Lululemon pants.

In there we have three pieces from Todd Snyder that I kept… the hoodie, pants & t-shirt. Those three items have a retail value of over $250. I paid like $25 for it ALL

The point is... just because something looks “basic” doesn’t mean it ain’t worth money! Sometimes the most simple pieces of clothing will be the most valuable! 

North Face Salty Dog Beanie

I love hats and beanies, especially now since I’m growing my hair out and look like a crazy person.

This is my go-to beanie. The color green, especially a darker shade, works really well with my complexion. I also have greenish eyes, so anything on my head in that similar shade just works for me.

Besides the shade of green being awesome, the overall look & style of the beanie just fit the name of it… You kinda feel like a rough & tumble fisherman when you put it on.

Best part?
It’s not expensive
, even brand new! You can grab it on Amazon for just $25! 

B.O.B Stroller

I gotta be a dad for a second & talk to you about our FAVORITE baby-related purchase in the past 8 months…

In these photos, we had gone for a walk with Oliver to take shots of this outfit. We figured since most of our audience is parents, we might as well show off our FAVORITE thrifted baby item!

If you are a new parent, please listen to me…

Getting a crappy stroller SUCKS!

We bought a cheap one that was intended for pretty much a shopping mall. After literally taking it around the block one time, we shipped it right back to Amazon.
Not sure why the hell we bought that piece of junk.

Make sure any stroller you buy has really great wheels on it! Do not get anything with hard plastic wheels!

Once we moved to Colorado, we found this BOB stroller (This is the Amazon link for the latest model! ) on Facebook Marketplace. 

Online, it retails for like $350-400ish, we PAID $80!

Even if it was $350, I again would buy it retail, great freaking stroller! Ours was very very lightly used. The best thing about this stroller is how small it folds up. We have a Kia Optima and can fit this in the trunk SO easily! You pull one handle and the whole thing just folds up, it really is amazing!

Living in a bit of a higher income area really has its perks when it comes to finding great deals on high-end stuff!

Wanna check it out on Amazon for yourself? This is the Amazon link for the latest model! 

The only thing it was missing was a sunshade for the front. In Colorado, the sun is quite brutal so Oliver really needs one of these. After trying some ghetto methods, Amazon ended having a better option, we finally bought this sunshade.

Thrift Secrets from the King!

I am the thrift king. Sorry, but there isn’t anyone that touches me.

My family has sold over $300,000 worth of used stuff online in the past three years…
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I’m gonna give you three of my best tips to finding the BEST inventory, all of the time!

Tip 1 –  Consistency matters more than anything

Do you think going to 1 thrift store a week and spending 15 minutes in there will be the way you find awesome stuff? Na man…

When I started this business, I was going to 2-4 thrift stores A DAY!

It’s a simple game of odds. Some stores won’t have anything & some days will just be a huge waste of time. Others will be goldmines and you can literally make $1000 from just walking into a store.

Figure out a local route you can stick to and be serious about it. Go to the same stores, at the same time, all the time!

Now you should definitely mix it up, especially if it seems like you always go at a time when new items aren’t coming out of the back. After a couple of months of hitting the same stores, you will have a routine and find your groove!

The goal is to learn what stores to AVOID as soon as possible. Some thrift stores just plain suck. Either their inventory is trash or the prices are insane. It happens, you need to cut those out of your life ASAP!

Also, start introducing yourselves to employees you see often & try to meet the store manager. Knowing these people can get you access to inventory in the back, more discounts, & speedier service!

That leads us into tip 2…

Tip 2 –  Learn your market

Everywhere in the world is different as far as local markets. Some places, winter jackets are normal to find & others all you see are tank tops.

Thrifting in NYC & thrifting in Utah is vastly different. Not only the stuff you will find but just the competition factor alone.

Think about trying to thrift in NYC… you are competing with experts in fashion. These people have the resources to find the best of the best. They know what is cool.

In Utah, that isn’t the case.
There, the competition is against old people and electronics. We weren’t fighting off hoards of vintage thrift gods like you would be in the big city!

We started our 6 figure reselling business in Utah, if you live there and want my ultimate secrets to thrifting there, you should Buy Our Utah Thrift Guide

Competition aside, think about products alone…

In Florida, you will find TONS of boat parts, stuff for the water, & casual clothing. In Colorado, we mostly find ski, hiking, & woodsy type stuff.

If you live in the country, chances are you won’t be finding high-end clothes, so I would try to hustle something else.

PRO TIP – Rural & Older demographic areas are a great place to find vintage stuff. Go to estate sales in these types of areas!

Tip 3 –  Find your thing

Everyone has their thing. If you are reading this post, maybe clothing is yours. Maybe it isn’t.

Either way, doesn’t matter what your thing is, you just need to find it.

Why do we sell clothes & why are they our “thing”?

Easy to source, SUPER easy to ship, & everyone needs clothes. We don’t want to work hard for our money. When we started, our business was selling anything & everything. You name it, I most likely sold it over the years.

Shipping heavy shit sucks. Shipping clothes is amazing cause you throw them into a bag.

Also, I worked in the fashion world & love clothing, so it was a natural fit. For you, maybe video games are your thing. How about fishing, computers, or crafts? ANYTHING can be sold, online guys!

Just because we sell clothes, doesn’t mean you ever have to sell a single piece of clothing.

This should be fun for you! We want you to feel like a little kid again when you think about making money! Think of your favorite hobby or activity & turn it into a side hustle!

There is some quote floating around that says something like “You just need to know 10% more than someone else to teach them”

What is your 10% advantage over everyone?

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