Things to resell during the end of the world!

Just because the world is ending, doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to sell or money to make!

Right now is the PERFECT time to make some money. People are buying, but others are DESPERATE and selling items cheap.

I’m gonna start this by saying that I don’t care what you think about guns. I love them & think they are beautiful to look at. No snowflakes here.

Not gonna teach you how to buy and sell guns, but just know that it is possible. This is more so about the things RELATED to this time that we’re in!

Please look up local laws before buying or selling any firearm or knife related items. 

Parts & Accessories

I have found plate carriers, holsters & gun parts at thrift stores! This stuff isn’t common to find, but you do come across it eventually, especially in more rural places.

The best bet for finding this sort of stuff is just browsing whatever the most popular local marketplace is for your local area.

Back in Utah, it was KSL or utahgunexchage.com

Look for gun forums, lots of those have buy/sell sections. People are desperate and may sell large lots of parts for cheap to pay bills.

I have seen people selling guns, parts, & ammo on FB marketplace and Craigslist.

Guns have a huge aftermarket parts world.

People love upgrading & modifying! Look for good deals on used parts like sights, triggers, magazines, & the list goes on


Back in Utah, it was so easy to find ammo for sale it was almost comedic. It seemed like everyone was selling ammo locally.

Your market may not be like that, but ours sure was. Again, check any local laws before buying/selling ammo. I am not going to teach you how to buy/sell ammo here, but I will teach you about some ammo accessories to sell!

Ammo isn’t just ammo.

There are reloading supplies, magazines, & even targets. You need something to load it into and fire at right? Don’t just think so small as the ammo itself.

SO many people reload their own ammunition now, plenty of products in just that category to keep you busy for a while!

Targets have a whole industry behind them, some even explode! Do I want you to sell bombs? No. But I need you to think outside the box a bit! Heck, what if you start your own custom target company?

Create funny targets for people to shoot at, boom, million-dollar idea!


Knives may be one of the best categories to ever buy & sell, but sourcing them used is hard. People are gonna be liquidating their knife collections to pay bills, look for good deals.

I have found these locally often, really try to stick to high-end brands. Avoid the cheap junk. Brands like Benchmade, Spyderco & Zero Tolerance are awesome!

You need to understand what a quality knife is vs a toy one. People will pay TONS of money for high-quality knives.

These things sell really fast on eBay, never had an issue with trying to sell any. Look into local laws when it comes to automatic knives.

Military/tactical clothing

Not only that, but you always find tactical or military clothing. We’re not looking for fashion military, we want the real stuff!

Lots of cheap brands in this category, you need to learn what is intended for airsoft & what is intended to go to battle. Two very different things.

Most military items don’t sell for much, there is just too much of it out there. Certain pieces can bring tons of money.

Lots of third party brands in this market, so it’s not just “military” stuff we’re looking for. People spend a ton of money on proper tactical gear, look up every brand you see that looks military inspired because you never know.

Let’s just group hunting clothes in here as well. You will find them often at thrift stores, again like anything else, some go for great money & others are trash.

Gun services

Lastly, you can just offer your services!

My gun in the photos has a stippled grip. Someone took a hot iron and just made those dots over & over. It makes it easier to grip to & TONS of people do this.

You can do that for people!

Heck maybe you’re great at building AR-15s, take some really great photos & offer it as a service! It’s all about branding your services. Sure, anyone can build an AR or a computer, but most people won’t.

They would just rather pay to have it done for them. Be that person! Those are just two simple options, but you can go way deeper. If you want to get into gunsmithing, that is a rabbit hole that will take you years to master.

The world is crazy…

It’s a crazy time to be alive, but we can still make some money! People are emotional right now, which leads to spending/hoarding. Supply their need and position yourself as the guy with the end of the world supplies!

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