Writing a Sales Page by A Beginner, For Beginners!

Ever wonder if you’re being sold to?

Maybe you have a feeling, but not sure? Let me give you some insider secrets & maybe make you re-think the next time you read something online.

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I LOVE the sales process.

It is just fun for me because at the end of the day it is a puzzle. If you solve that puzzle, you make money.

I like to make money.

Over the past year, I have been practicing copywriting, design & general sales funnel tactics.

What this post will be is more so a deep look into how my mind works & what I think would guide my visitors to eventually pay me in some way.

Read through this as you would a normal page. Don’t think anything of it. We will explain everything in detail at the bottom, but please don’t skip ahead. Read it ALL the way through or else this won’t make sense.

For some context: This is one of the first things that new course members see when they sign up for our FREE Beginners Course


People are often scared of the word “free”, they almost think you are trying to scam them somehow.

No scams or nonsense going on here…

In fact, I’m literally going to explain EVERY step of how I plan to make money off of you (hopefully)!

So let’s get one thing straight, I’m an incredibly honest person. Maybe too honest.

I lose people because of that, but it’s okay.

Step 1. Produce FREE content DAILY on social media

We post on the following platforms currently, sorted by the value they hold for us:

Tik Tok
Blog (lots of value, but not posting daily)

So thing is, giving out free content is not a big deal since we already do it anyway. Some stuff in this course will be YouTube videos, but others will be handcrafted just for this. Either way, it’s free & I’m not going to spam your email, so you win.

Our method for growth is mostly social media with some ads. Free organic marketing will always be a winner, but if you have the money & knowledge of ads, you should leverage them!

Step 2.  Create a free course to get people to trust us

One thing that holds true online: The number of followers you have does buy some sort of “trust”. It almost sounds materialistic & stupid to say, but it’s true.

If you’re on YouTube & you see two videos, creator A has 1 million subscribers & creator B has 100, I’m almost 100% sure you will click on the larger sub count every time.

Alright so maybe you’re here from social media, that’s awesome! Hopefully, by now you know that we hate rules, but at least you know SOMETHING about us right?

That’s not always the case with everyone who lands on our website or sees an ad. We need to be able to give 100% fresh eyes a way to trust us, quickly.

In comes the free course. Don’t have time to go through our 100+ YouTube videos, the course is a better way to consume purposeful content.

Step 3.  We will take your $$$ later

This is the best part for us. 

My wife Shyanne & I REALLY want to get rid of everything & move into a super cool van. Our plan is to live the #vanlife and travel the country/world. 

We are not swindlers, scammers, or gurus. Our family is trying to make an honest buck while helping as many people as possible.

There is a real meaning behind you being here. By no means is this a get rich quick scheme for us. If you do eventually decide to give us your money, just know that you will be supporting our crazy adventure & we appreciate you greatly.

Didn’t mean to get so deep there… let’s get back to how we will make money off this in order of value.

Most expensive – 

You need 1-on-1 help & buy the most expensive course that gets direct access to us. Though it does take time away from our life, we love talking about making money so why not get paid to do it!

Cheaper option –

Want lifetime access to our main course but don’t need 1-on-1 help??

You will save over 50% if you go that route…to learn more about what we offer, click here!

Don’t want to pay us at all?

That’s cool, I’m cheap too. Listen, you don’t have to exactly pay us directly for me to make some cash…

We can help each other at the same time. Here is how…

I create content based on products or programs that I enjoy using. Those products or programs offer what is called “affiliate programs”.

I create a link & you click on it to buy that product. No extra cost to you, but I get a commission for referring you to them.

What I can do as a creator is pretty simple.

Create some really helpful & honest content on something that I know/like/trust. I will NEVER recommend trash products just to make a few bucks, ever. I promise.

From there, I see what companies offer a commission when I refer people to them. Some commissions pay pennies, others can pay hundreds/thousands. We’re not that good yet.

In this free course, you will see the following affiliate programs:


Thinkific (where you’re on now)
Amazon associate
eBay partner network (affiliate used products!)

Listen, if you click my link to Fiverr and start hiring a bunch of people for a project, I will make a nice little check. Same with Canva & Thinkificmost subscription type services usually pay well.

Buying things like tape or a scale I suggest will literally make me about $1, so that’s why we need to add in these higher ticket items. Again, these are always going to be items we use daily & love.

Please listen to this: It really does make a difference to our bank account, even if it is $1.00. By no means are we well off & everything counts! Thank you for any support!

So there you have it, my friends… that’s how we will make money off this free course. Let’s talk about how many times I have sold to you just in this first module.

Some of you may have caught onto a bunch of it, but hopefully, it wasn’t too brutal, but there were SO many sales things thrown at you already. Let’s talk about it…


How I sell to people without making it “pushy”

This is all my opinion, research, & copying the “pros”. Some are theory, others are proven concepts. Let’s talk about EVERY single section of what you just read & why I wrote it the way I did.

Heck, even BEFORE we get into that, let’s see how I sold to you within the first paragraph of this blog post. 

A. Within SECONDS of being on this blog post, you have already encountered sales pitch #1. I want you to take my free course so I get your email, teach you some stuff, & eventually sell you something.

B. Right after that soft sales pitch we dive into some information about me. Instead of this being a cold corporate document, it’s now personal. It tells you that I enjoy what I am writing about & hopefully that will make you MORE engaged.

Lastly, if you scroll up & look at the heading of this post now, it is very similar but tweaked quite a bit. Why tell you this? Because you will find typos & errors below, this is not the 100% final version of this sales page. I created this as I was working on it, so it may not be perfect. 

Okay, now back to what you actually came here for! Let’s break down the sales page from the course!

This is section by section, very little was removed from the original sales pitch.

A. Right away I want to acknowledge that some people may be leery of free stuff, or courses in general. My goal here is to just start being transparent from the get-go.

B. Now, we take it one step further. Let’s show our students EXACTLY what they will experience. Why? So there are no surprises later on when I ask them to do things for me (like click links)

C. I include information about myself. Within 1 paragraph you have learned that I’m transparent, honest, & people may not like me. I NEED you to know those things. They are critical to NOT wasting time.

A. Start the explaining. Most people don’t understand how content production is done or why we do things for free in general. YouTubers make HOURS of content for free just to grow their brand, but when you try to get someone’s email for free stuff  it gets kinda awkward.

B. Here we start the sales pitch. Let’s make one thing clear, success here doesn’t mean you buy my course. That is only ONE way for me to win… what else could be helpful? You subscribing to my social media. I have now made it clear that we post DAILY on multiple platforms.

C.  So moving on, we now see our social media links. This is doing two things: Giving people options & showing them we are serious about what we do. They can now follow us on those platforms, which does the BEST thing for us… builds MORE trust!

D.  Again, honesty. We make it really clear that some of the content will be our YouTube videos. Also, guilty may not be the correct word, but we are putting some leverage in our court by saying “Either way it’s free & I’m not going to spam your email, so you win”.

The user now feels like they “owe” us something, when really they don’t.

A. Back to trust, it’s our ONLY goal. Selling stuff is hard because people are skeptical. You MUST build trust before trying to take money from people. Trust can be built by just showing up on Instagram daily & posting helpful content. Again, we are being open & honest with the user here by telling them WHY we create content for free.

B.  Now what if you already know about us from social media? Instead of making you feel outcasted or “new”, I wanted to make it a bit more welcomingToo often people feel neglected, they just want to be recognized for being part of the tribe. That’s what the intent of that line was. 

C.  Back to more explaining…this is telling both our old followers & new people our reasoning behind the course. It makes it very clear as to why we pre-packaged all of this in a bundle, to save time for new users.

D.  Again, pushing them to social media. I really really REALLY want people to follow us on YouTube… why? The conversion rates are insane. I know if I can get you on there, most likely you will end up liking me & supporting me in some way. It’s a clickable link, plus we say that there are over 100 videos which again, adds to social proof.

A. One rule of business, NEVER make getting paid “weird”. Make it clear cut. You want money out of this relationship. Thing is, I wanted to put my personality into it.

I underlinedwill” & “later” to emphasize their importance. I used my confidence and low-key sense of humor to make something awkward, kinda funny?

B.   Back to honesty & more personality. MOST sales pages aren’t so honest & upfront. I like to be. It knocks people back a bit & that is good. 

C.  Now, more about us & our goals. You learn about my family here & our REAL plans. You now know where your money & time are going to. Hopefully, this helps you build a relationship with us.

D.  Thanking them for things that haven’t happened & again just setting it in stone that we are real people. That’s the thing about the internet, there is so much “stuff” out there, we forget that people are the ones making it. I want you to know that there is a story here so that later you remember us.

A.  My most expensive offering & it is intentionally BORING. Why?
It’s not the main product I’m trying to sell

You see how the font is smaller than the “cheaper” one below it? Expensive is underlined & it’s in red? I am doing NOTHING to make this seem enticing. Notice that there is no link to click either?

B.  This is what I really want people to purchase. Listen, we LOVE helping people, but we LOVE passive income even more.

Selling our time sucks, but selling a course that is already made doesn’t suck. That is why we are pushing you towards that.

The “cheaper option” is a larger font, brighter color, & just looks more enticing in general.

I want to make this clear: This was just more of a suggestive sale, by no means was I really trying to sell to people with just a couple sentences. Pretty much this is all intended to get a new course memeber familiar with what we offer so that they think about it as they go through the course. Our “main” sales page is far different & MUCH longer.

C.  Lifetime Access to the course to get their attention even more. Never mentioned any of that in the more expensive pitch. Again, we are kinda shooting from the hip here & hoping that maybe some people do need more help.

Maybe they skim through the free course, see its decent & then end up buying the full package.

D.  Everyone LOVES saving money. Our 1-on-1 package is $200, if they can save over 50%, that may really be the difference between making a sale or not. Again, just another little perk that they are getting by taking this offer over the other one.

E.  Seal the deal with a direct link to the course page. Unlike the more expensive option where they would have to search for or contact us, this one is right there in front of them!

I am of course trying to sell our more expensive package, but not as much as the self-service course.


A.  Back to me talking crap by calling them cheap. Another little jab/joke & a bit more of my personality.

We follow that up by disarming them & saying they don’t need to give us any cash directly.

B.  Mutual benefit – most people like this. It makes them feel comfortable. Fun fact, many people don’t like “free”, they would usually like to pay you back in some way.

C.  Explain EXACTLY the process of making money from creating content. This both teaches people that this isn’t witchcraft, but also lets them know what to expect.

They don’t have to do any extra work, just click the link. I have told them how I do it & what I NEED THEM TO DO.

D.  Back to trust. I make it very clear that the products & programs that will be suggested are things I love. Recommending bad products will get you nowhere!

E.  More honesty & relatable information. It again proves that we are human, but also lets you know we are learning at the same time.

A.  Again, transparency & setting the tone for the rest of the course

B.  The three that can make me the most amount of money are already highlighted & clickable

No, I don’t think someone will signup to become a course creator on Thinkific from that link, but you NEVER know!

What it really is doing though is creating a memory. The user will keep seeing Thinkic & Canva mentioned all over the course. They will now remember those names when we talk about it on social media.

C.  Telling you how things work & being real again, but at the same time reminding you once again about these three awesome platforms. Thing is, I’m teaching you at the same time. You just learned that subscription-based software pays well.

D.  Raw facts & realities so you can relate to me.

If I told you that I make $100,000 a day selling ebooks, could you relate to that?

No probably not…(we do not make $100,000 a day selling ebooks)

Thing is, it almost makes you feel bad for me…

Creating all of this content to MAYBE get a $1 commission? It does suck at the end of the day, I want the user to know that this isnt some fountain of wealth.

E.  Back to relatable. I don’t know about you, but if I see a nickel on the ground, I’ll pick it up. Money is money.

People can relate to that. We want to make it clear that we are NOT rich AND YES WE WANT YOUR $1.00!

It’s almost like we’re desperate, but it’s not sad because we are aware of it.


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