$287,338.33 SOLD on eBay!

No wholesale, dropshipping, or other BS. We mostly sell used men’s clothing, but you can sell WHATEVER you want!

One of the BEST ways to make $$$ from home for NORMAL people!

  • Copy our process for running a six-figure eBay business while working less than 20 hours a week! No rocket science, just a good plan!


  • Insider tips on what inventory to actually sell, not what “YouTube Gurus” tell you! Building a side hustle that pays you daily is hard, but not if you know what to sell!


  • Get direct answers to your eBay or sales questions when you need help the most! 


  • Help your local community, the environment, AND your wallet at the SAME time!



Why give SECRETS out?

Simple… we have bigger dreams. eBay was always intended to be a “jumping-off point” for us. The business we built is steady & gives us extra time to build digital assets!

Our plan is to sell off our eBay business in the next year & travel the country in a van as a family. How do we accomplish this? By helping others achieve what we have!

Things you NEED to know!

How will this help me?

We spent years learning everything that is in this course. Save time & just get everything in one neat package!

Why thrift shop?

There is a BIG problem that most people don’t know about, thrift stores have too much inventory… so much stuff gets recycled or sent overseas because we aren’t buying enough! You spending more $$$ at thrift stores does SO much good for your local community & the planet!

What skills do I need?

You MUST know how to use a smartphone & have basic internet skills. Besides that, you really don’t need much else as everything can be learned!

Does this include support?

Purchasing this course gets your sales related questions answered in a timely manner, but this is NOT a 1-on-1 mentorship program. We try to get back to everyone within 12 hours!

Will I become rich?

Hopefully! But no promises at all. We do not guarantee ANY results. This business is 100% based on your efforts. Our secrets mean nothing if you sit around & don’t use them!