Review of the Accuteck ShipPro 110lbs Shipping Scale for eBay or Poshmark sellers

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One question that people often ask when it comes to selling stuff on eBay is how to weigh items correctly. No one wants to pay more money than they should, so knowing the weights of your packages is crucial!

The solution is to get a scale that is versatile, easy to use, and affordable. No need to spend a ton of money on one! The Accuteck ShipPro Postal Scale is a great solution since it does everything you need! Plus, it’s got THOUSANDS of amazing reviews on Amazon!

If you want to skip this blog post & just read some specs & see customer reviews on Amazon, this link will take you directly to the scale!

Lastly, if you are totally new to selling online on eBay, check out this blog post to get you started with your first shipment on there!

So let’s get into it…

Why this scale vs the others

  • Corded screen
  • Cheap
  • Tough

Corded Screen

This may not seem important until you have a large 50-pound item covering the screen of your scale & you can’t see what it weighs…

Look, if you are just gonna be shipping small items, skip over this part because it won’t help you much. If you are like us & ship a crazy amount of different sized items, keep reading…

If you at all plan on shipping items that are different sizes, don’t even consider getting a scale without a detachable screen, it just won’t work for you.

Being able to move the screen around and position it where you want is also great for ergonomics and building out your workspace the way you want.

No longer do large & oddly shaped boxes have to make knowing the weight difficult!


Look, I’m one for quality items. I hate poorly made junk that makes my life harder. This product is far from that.

For the past 2.5 years, we have shipped over 7000 packages with this one scale. For $30, I can’t believe it lasted this long… It really is insane.

Cheap doesn’t mean much if it only lasts one month, 2.5 years is just an amazing value!

Compare it to the closest option I was able to find for shipping scales on Staples.com… quite the price difference.


Compare it to the Accuteck Shipping Scale… right now on Amazon it is under $40 with Free Shipping! You can check it out here!


As I said, we have had this thing for 2.5 years. I am not a careful person nor do I really take care of my things.

The fact that it hasn’t broken yet is insane. I have dropped it, moved shop locations 3 times, & shipped over 7000 packages with no issues.

If you plan on selling anything other than clothing, having something that will stand up to heavy items will really make your life easier… the fact that this one goes up to 100 pounds is amazing & should cover MOST online sellers.

I think the heaviest item I shipped was like 75-80 pounds & we used this scale to weigh it with no issues.

Our experience with it

  • Batteries last a long time
  • Weird issue with one set of batteries
  • Nothing bad to say

After over 7000 items going on this scale in the course of 2.5 years, this is what we think overall…

The batteries last a really long time on this thing! Even as full-time sellers, we have only replaced the batteries 3 times in the entire time of owning it.

Though we had one weird issues with a set of cheap batteries, I dont think it had anything to do with the scale. They were those kinda batteries that you get at the dollar store & they just wouldn’t make a proper connection, it seemed like the batteries were swollen even though they were new.

Again, I think it was the batteries causing that as we have had no further power issues after switching those out.

If you are almost convinced but want to read some more great reviews, you can check them out here!

More of our favorite shipping supplies!

Tape –

Tape King 6 pack on Amazon for under $20!

This may sound crazy, but this part is very personal to me. I have spent so much time looking for good shipping tape that isn’t expensive. I think I may have found the best option.

I like this tape because it has reliable quality, low odor, somewhat low noise, & decent stick properties.

Price isn’t bad either at $18.99 for 12 rolls

Comparing the pricing to the best option on staples.com…

12 pack on Amazon – Under $20 Link to tape
6 pack on Staples.com – $12.99

Dymo 4XL labels –

One of the most overpriced items at office supply stores is labels for Dymo printers. They treat these things like gold there.

These have treated us very well with no issues, consistent quality & good stickiness! Price comparison on the ones we use vs major office store.

6 pack rolls on Amazon – $39.99Link to labels
1 single rolloffice supply store – $26.21

Seriously, if you take anything away from this… never shop at office supply stores.

We get our Dymo 4XL Shipping Labels from this Amazon Store

Dymo 4XL printer –

One of the first things I suggest for any online seller to buy is a thermal printer. Stop wasting money on ink. It’s stupid.

If you plan on shipping more than 25 items a month, buy a thermal printer.

They can often be found locally for cheap on Facebook Marketplace.

I never pay more than $60-70 for them locally & can flip them all day on eBay for $130. (pro tip)

This is really an item that buying new doesn’t make too much sense. They are over $270 retail but people sell them CHEAP secondhand for some reason…

Instead of buying a new one on Amazon, use this link to help you find a lightly used one on eBay!

If you want to learn more about finding stuff to re-sell on Facebook Marketplace you should check out our Free Course, in there we even talk about finding FREE inventory!

Learn more about the Free Course!


This is one area where you need to decide where you wanna be on the eco-friendly spectrum.

We have provided several options as far as sizing & eco-friendliness. Having used all of these personally, the eco-friendly ones look & feel the best.

10×13 poly bag

This is gonna be your workhorse bag if you plan to resell used clothing on eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari. Just the perfect size for most basic clothing… Things like t-shirts, shorts, & light sweaters will do well with these bags.

We ship about 60% of our orders in these and love them. No issues & they have held up well over the years.

These come in a wide variety of colors, but we go for a simple gray as it is the cheapest. Buy 200 poly bags for under $16!

19×24 poly bag

These are a MUST for winter. Large coats, backpacks, & even boxes fit perfectly into these. If I ever have a box that is a bit sketchy, I will use these to wrap the outside for more protection!

But mainly, we love these for shipping coats, that’s what we mainly use them for. I think in the three years of doing this, I have maybe found one jacket that just wouldn’t fit into these bags.

This won’t be a bag you will use often, but having at least 50 of them around is nice… Check them out on Amazon and grab 50 bags for under $12!

Clear bags (storage)

10×13 clear poly bags

So we don’t use these anymore, but they do come in handy for certain sellers. Back in the day, we would bag everything & then put an inventory sticker on the outside.

Though this worked well for storage, it was extra work & more plastic wasted. But certain sellers will need these, especially if you are putting together kits or shipping to Amazon FBA.

These have all the suffocation warning non-sense on them as well.

We buy these in bulk on Amazon for under $60 for a case of 1000, you can check them out here!


These aren’t cheap, but they are the best option on this list as far as the earth is concerned.

Buying these in small quantities doesn’t make sense as the price is too expensive. If you plan on selling mainly clothes, this will be one of your best poly bag options.

If you visit the store “bubblefast” on eBay, they carry the ones that we have purchased in the past and loved! Links below for the ones we have used from them!

1000 count 10×13 eco-friendly (best deal)
100 count 10×13 eco-friendly

Want some free shipping supplies? We wrote up a whole post about that here!

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