Reseller Spreadsheet Bundle

– Spend less time tracking sales
– Quickly see your fees/profits
– Track your purchases easily

As a full-time reseller, I need a way to track my sales but also wanted to record how much I spent on inventory.

This spreadsheet bundle was developed to help resellers spend less time on mundane tasks.

Whats Included?

Purchase Tracking Sheet

Need a better way to keep track of your reselling purchases? This sheet was built so you could quickly add vital information about the items you just sourced.

  • Average purchase price
  • Quantity of items purchased
  • Total amount spent
  • Storage locations
  • Purchase location


Sales Tracking Sheet

Quickly track your sales from your side hustle or reselling business. See all of the most important information right in front of you!

  • Average sales price
  • Quantity of items sold
  • Total amount sold
  • Total fees
  • Net profit


Listing Sheet

Quickly input vital about the items you are listing in bulk to streamline your process. We use this sheet to check all of our items in & then just copy/paste the info into the marketplace we are selling on.

  • Generates custom SKU to track info on marketplaces
  • Check off and count how many listings are done
  • Quickly input important listing details



I wanted to include some bonus reading material with this bundle & figured why not make an e-book with my favorite reselling categories?

  • Great starting place for new resellers who struggle with sourcing items
  • Years of random experience, even seasoned resellers will gain value
  • Expand your reselling business intro categories you’ve never thought of


SALE - Grab all 3 spreadsheets for just $9.99!

Instant download, yours for life. 

By resellers, for resellers.

As a full-time eBay seller, I understand what data we actually care about. These sheets will work for 99% of sellers. Feel free to customize them, add more options, take some away… do whatever you’d like with them!


This file is an Excel file but can be used for free with Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet program.

Save the file and open it up in your software of choice. You may need to make adjustments to the columns/rows to fit your screen.

Everything is editable so if you don’t like the colors, just change them. There are tons of tutorials online for spreadsheet customization, this purchase does NOT include support with any additions or changes.