Make money & help your local community at the SAME time?!

$306,134.92 used stuff sold on eBay…

How will this help me?

  • How & why we source certain items, not just a “master list” of brands, that doesn’t help anyone! I try to explain the thought process… teach a man to fish type stuff!


  • Our process for running our 6 figure eBay business, but working less than 15 hours a week on it!


  • Shipping tips to maximize profits & to use as few resources as possible. I try to make it as simple as possible to understand & throw in some pro tips so you save money!

  • A breakdown of places to source & how to use each one, plus thrift store best practices so you don’t waste precious time spinning your wheels!


  • How to hire a virtual assistant to help you with your eBay business! Where, why & how to manage your process with them!


  • Data/statistics on brands, not just me telling you “go buy this”,  we actually have some fancy charts for you to make informed choices & take the emotions out of it! 

Sneak peek inside!

Module 1 - Start with YOU!
  • Welcome
  • Start with this personality test
  • 5 things we failed at in 2020
  • Plans are great, but be flexible & adapt
  • What skill sets do you have?


Module 2 - The Basics
  • How to make money today locally
  • Shipping supplies & some basics we use in our business
  • How to find the value of almost anything
  • Overview of 6 marketplaces


Module 3 - Finding Inventory
  • Thrift stores
  • Garage sales
  • Flea Markets
  • Liquidations/Pallets
  • Sourcing inventory from home
  • Retail arbitrage


Module 4 - Items to Source
  • Electronics – Modern
  • Electronics – Vintage
  • Outdoors section
  • Furniture
  • Clothing


Module 5 - Clothing Tips
  • Intro to clothing
  • Things I NEED you to know
  • Thought process of buying clothing
  • Clothing – Real VS Fake Vintage
  • How to measure clothes
  • Data on used mens clothing
  • Data on used womens clothing
  • 3 ways to ship clothes on eBay
  • FAST & ergonomic photo studio/process


Module 6 - eBay Masterclass
  • Spreadsheets we use
  • Comparing new account to established account
  • Your process is key
  • Photo studio setup
  • Listing templates
  • Using Terapeak to analyze competition
  • eBay store subscriptions
  • Marketing & Promoted listings
  • Customer service
  • Several inventory options
  • Shipping setup
  • Ideas for packaging odd items
  • Saving money with Pirate Ship
  • Setting up business policies
  • Virtual Assistant for eBay – Things to know
  • How to create an Upwork Posting to hire VA
  • Giving employee access on eBay – PLEASE READ


Module 7 - Other ways to make money online
  • Creating your own course/info product
  • How a free course makes money
  • Grow your following & make $$$
  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • Creating your first Fiverr Gig
  • Adding Amazon Affiliate link to blog
  • Canva & graphics for beginners


Module 8 - Virtual Assistants
  • Virtual assistant for eBay – Things to know
  • Video walkthrough of hiring, spreadsheets, & setting up eBay backend
  • How to create upwork listing for hiring
  • Giving employee access on eBay
BONUS - Crazy sold values
  • Master List of 25 categories & CRAZY sold items
  • Vintage Electronics – Crazy sold values
  • Antiques – Crazy Sold Values
  • Collectibles
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture


Why give SECRETS out?

Simple… eBay is not our end goal, it is just one of many sources of income we plan to have along the way.
Our life consists of constant change, teaching is the new chapter in our lives!

Why buy this?

Make MORE money by spending less time shopping

Waste less time with a great process & avoid death piles

Understand the thought process of growing a large eBay business

Who are we?

Hi! We're Sebby & Shy!

We HATED our jobs, so we did anything to quit them!

How did we make money?

By going to thrift stores & selling used items online or locally. Nothing crazy & any normal person can do the same!

Thrift shopping is SO good for the local community! These stores have too much inventory to handle, resellers are a vital part of the ecosystem!

This side hustle changed our families life forever, we know it can do the same for you!



JUST $24.99!

Get INSTANT ACCESS & LIFETIME UPDATES to all of our eBay business tips

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If you REALLY don’t think that our program helped you, I will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days of purchase.