PRO Reseller Spreadsheet Bundle


Our reseller spreadsheet bundle, but with an added bonus! If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant or an employee for your reselling business, this will be the spreadsheet bundle for you!


Making money online is fun, but at the end of the day it is a business and you need to track what is happening in it. I developed these sheets for my reselling business over the course of several years. Everyone's business is different so you may need to modify these to fit your needs, but they are a great head start!

- Inventory tracking spreadsheet: track how much you are spending on inventory & see what stores are the most profitable
- Sales tracking spreadsheet: see how much you're making and spending on the most critical aspects of your business
- Listing Spreadsheet: quickly document critical information about items that you will be listing for sale. Speed up your process and batch process item for max efficiency.
- Advanced Employee Listing Spreadsheet: Document critical information about items that you are having listed by a third party (like a virtual assistant or employee).



Inventory tracking spreadsheet

Need a better way to keep track of your reselling purchases? This sheet was built so you could quickly add vital information about the items you just sourced.

  • Average purchase price
  • Quantity of items purchased
  • Total amount spent
  • Storage locations
  • Purchase location

Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

Quickly track your sales from your side hustle or reselling business. See all of the most important information right in front of you!

  • Average sales price
  • Quantity of items sold
  • Total amount sold
  • Total fees
  • Net profit

Listing Spreadsheet:

How I am able to get listings done so quickly is mainly because of this sheet. I use it daily when new inventory comes in. We then copy/paste this info into the marketplaces we are listing on.

  • Speed up your process by batching listings out
  • Have most of the hard work done before you ever click sell on a marketplace
  • Generate custom SKUs to track important info about the item you are listing

Virtual Assistant Listing Sheet

Designed with having multiple people working on a reselling business. We built this sheet for our virtual assistant who was in the Philippines. It is over-built to avoid miscommunication or wasted time by the VA. 

  • Quickly search the item's brand name & record it in the spreadsheet (300 brands pre-filled but you can add more as you wish)
  • Check box feature that allows employees to check off listings as they are completed for easy tracking.
  • Make hiring an employee a bit easier and less stressful!


Listing category feature

A common question from our employee was what category to list items in so we decided to make this part very specific. This search bar will help you narrow down the category of your item quickly!

Brand names feature

We added this to avoid any confusion for the virtual assistant when listing. Sometimes brand names are odd and don't make sense to people, especially those who are not native English speakers. You can quickly search for the name brand you are listing. Adding brand names to your list takes seconds. The sheet will come with a bit over 300 clothing brands pre-filled, expect to add more of your own (instructions included)