My husband quit his job to sell used stuff online...

Live between Logan & Salt Lake City?  Pay attention!

We HATED our jobs in Utah so we did anything to quit them! Within 6 months Sebastian had quit his corporate job & I was shortly behind him!

Now, we work for ourselves, mostly from home! Full time stay at home parents, all because we sold used stuff online!

Nothing here is difficult to understand, just takes a bit of time & effort. NO MLM nonsense, this is a real-life business.

What is the Utah Thrift Guide?

  • Learn what stores made our family the MOST amount of money! Not every sourcing spot is equal, some just NEVER get good inventory.


  • I make it VERY clear what stores to avoid! Save time & gas money!


  • Over 25 sourcing spots broken down with my years of local knowledge! I spent SO MUCH time thrifting in Utah, save some time & just copy my route!



$100k SOLD sales on eBay our FIRST year in Utah

No secret relationships or fancy tricks, just figured out where to find the best stuff to resell online! Now, we mostly sell used clothes, but over the past few years, we have touched over 8000 unique items!

Why give SECRETS out?

Simple… we moved to Colorado & never plan on coming back to Utah.

This information simply won’t help us anymore, but it WILL help you!

Things you NEED to know!

How will this help me?

By saving you time & gas money, plus you may not think of some of these local secrets!

What part of Utah is this for?

We cover from Logan to Salt Lake City. That was our thrift route! Plenty of spots in between to keep anyone busy!

I don't know how to sell online

That’s why we included our Starter Guide to Reselling! If you need more help, we offer 1-on-1 access to those that need it in our full course.

I don't trust you!

Good, you shouldn’t. This is the internet. If you want to get to know us better, make sure you check out the YouTube channel!


Does this include support?

This purchase does NOT include 1-on-1 support or mentorship from us. You are purchasing only the course contents.

Will I become rich?

Hopefully! But no promises at all. We do not guarantee ANY results. This business is 100% based on your efforts. Our secrets mean nothing if you don’t use them.

FREE BONUS!  Starter Guide to Reselling Online

Don’t know how to sell online? Doesn’t matter! I’ll teach you with this starter kit! Any person can sell items on eBay or similar marketplaces, let us show you how, for FREE!


What our students say

Resell Junkie gave me the motivation and resources to become my own boss! their teachings have shown how truly EASY it is to make money on my own terms, without having to devote my life to a meaningless 9-5. Quit your day job! thank you seb and shy!

Keira Dawn

Resell Junkie has been a life changer! I went to the thrift store, and using the tips outlined in the guide, sold $500 my first 5 days on eBay! Sebastian and Shyanne truly want to thrive and succeed. I can’t thank them enough for giving me the option to stay home with my family, while still making a fantastic income.

Chloe Valdez

I’ve known Shy for 10 years. She helped me see I could start sharing my business on social media. I made enough money selling essential oils last month to pay our mortgage and insurance!!!! She also got me interested in selling clothes I don’t wear in my closet! I’ve already made $500 just on what I did not wear! If you follow their accounts you will gain motivation to change your mindset!

It’s contagious!! 


Linzy Ruth

Ready to start YOUR side hustle?

Get the Utah Thrift Store Guide & our Bonus Starter Kit for just $24.99! If you live in Utah, you NEED this!

100% SAFE!

If you REALLY don’t think that our program helped you, I will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days of purchase.