Money Can’t Buy Happiness, but Paying Bills is Good Enough!

In life, we are often told to just “be happy” with what we have. Yeah, that’s great, cool.

I HATE that saying more than just about anything. No, I will never just accept mediocrity. I want to be rich & free, anything less is a failure.

There is SO MUCH money out there in the world, but for some reason, people seem to think that you can’t have any of it.

Jeff Bezos is worth $180 Billion dollars. Do you not value yourself enough to become just 1% as successful as he has become?

Will most people become billionaires? No… but if you set that as your goal, failing means you became a millionaire so life is good.

I have NO money, like we are struggling, but I don’t think 1 million dollars is that much money.

In the context of business, it really isn’t much considering how large some businesses can grow. That is the thing that most people seem to forget. They think working for 50 years is the right answer, but they avoid the one that can bring wealth the fastest (business).

Now before we get any further, most of you that start a business will fail.

It’s just a statistic, that is not me even talking crap. Failing is a great thing, we fail daily & that’s how you grow. Also, by no means am I saying that starting a million-dollar business is easy, it’s not.

What I’m saying is that if the stars align & your business takes off, you can become a millionaire in just several years.

That is the power of the internet folks.

If you’re reading this and you have a standard “boring” job, you may think I’m crazy.

Multi-million dollar businesses get built daily, it’s really not that big of a deal. 18-year-olds are building million-dollar social media brands, but you still don’t take them “serious”.

We need to talk about this.

Shyanne & I are struggling with the business, but we keep pushing on. During all this, we have only grown closer & better as a couple/team. Our love keeps growing daily.

We push each other to be better daily, even as individuals. Our only goal in life is to be better & do better each day.

If that isn’t the case for you, money will NOT solve your issues. Sudden influxes of cash are just bandaids & false hopes of happiness.

Possessions provide fleeting joy.

Knowing what your core issues are as a person is how you grow into a healthy individual, money will never make a miserable person happy in the long term.

Then we have this… let’s get into why money does provide some joy.

You ever been late on rent four months in a row with bills piling up? I have.

All some people want is to make money, pay their bills on time, & have more time with their loved ones. I promise you, if you asked most people what they wanted, it would be some version of that.

Instagram makes you think that everyone wants nice clothes & Ferraris, which is so false!

The average person doesn’t give a shit about Gucci or what’s trendy this spring. They literally want to pay their bills & watch tv with peace of mind that everything is okay.

Money gives you the freedom to pay bills and to have breathing room.

The stress of mounting bills with no hope in sight is a really scary spot to be in. I hope if you ever experience this, you bounce out of it strongly & in full force!

So I just talked about “breathing room”… what does that mean?

When I was younger, my goal was to make it as a photographer. Pretty much I would do ANYTHING photo related in NYC to get my name out there.

Plus, I did it for free 99% of the time, because I was desperate.

Now, what if I did “make it” as a photographer? What if I had the ability to chose which projects I wanted to work on, rather than being forced simply to get my name out there.

That is breathing room. The person that makes it, gets to have choices, whereas everyone else picks up the scraps. Sounds harsh that way, but it’s true.

Having money allows you to think about projects or collaborations before just getting starstruck & saying yes. It allows you to craft the brand image you want & to not become a sell-out.

Instead of scrambling to get by, you get to sit back and think. That is the power of money.

You ever work in a hot kitchen full of people that don’t speak English well? I have, for years. It made me the man I am, hardened.

That is modern-day slavery. Working 50-70 hour weeks is not “normal”. No human should work 14 hour days just to pay the bills.

Going to a corporate job is just as bad. Same repetitive motion, same bullshit daily, hit the clock & go home. Repeat the next day, and the next one, & so on. That is modern-day slavery.

Working until your 65 to retire with mediocre benefits is such a joke. Why slave away for 40 years when you can just take some risks now & try to become rich early on?

This one just makes me plain sad. To think that you can slave away for 40-50 years to retire with just a few bucks a month in SS is crazy.

Most of us don’t have jobs with amazing pensions. Most people don’t have extra cash to save. Most people don’t invest.

Don’t be most people. Be different. Start a side hustle & make that extra money to invest or save. No one is saying to go quit your job & try to start a million-dollar business, I want you to start a $3000 a month side hustle. That is enough money to change anyone’s life.

Think about what an extra $3k a month into your savings would look like… that number is NOT hard to hit. Like that is SO easy that you can figure it out in less than 6 months if you hustle.

Getting rich is a skill & mindset. We are not rich, but we will be. Our mindsets are deadset on it, there is NO other option for our family. The plans include tons of money & so much free time that it’s not even funny.

NO idea how we will get there, but we will. I hope you want the same for yourself.

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