Why You Should Think Like a Drug Dealer in Small Business

I respect drug dealers.. not in the sense that they do anything good for the community, but you cannot knock their hustle. When starting a small business, you need to be a bit more aggressive to survive.

There is so much to learn from them that can translate into a legitimate business. When it comes to selling anything, whether it’s drugs or your services online, many tactics can be useful.

Let’s talk about sales & how to grow as a person, from the eyes of a drug dealer!

I LOVE sales, my mind constantly is thinking about it. Not about the money so much, to me it’s really just a huge game.

So many little hurdles to cross, but once you get that sale, man it feels good. 

Selling has nothing to do with having a good product or idea, plenty of those exist already. True sales are understanding what your target customer needs and positioning yourself to offer that.

Simply having a great product doesn’t mean much if you keep trying to sell it to the wrong person.

After spending years in the sales world, it’s one thing that I have never gotten sick of. It’s so fun to be able to learn & analyze human behavior! So let’s talk about what drug dealers can teach us…

Do ANYTHING to achieve freedom

Listen, go crawl back under your rock if you don’t like this, but there are worse things than breaking the law. Generational poverty is one of them.

Before any of you dummies go start doing illegal stuff, read this first. I’m not saying break the law unless you REALLY have to. What I’m saying is in normal everyday situations, take some damn risks.

Quit that job you hate.
Leave that spouse that sucks.
Start a business and fail.

But don’t just sit there like a loser & complain. If someone can go out and break the law daily to provide for their family, you think you cant start a side hustle? Come on…

Fear is fake. It’s in your head.

Kids aren’t born scared of spiders, we teach them to be.

Only sell high-quality items.

A coke dealer with bad coke ain’t a coke dealer for long. Same with stuff you choose to sell online. Do you want to sell cheap Chinese bullshit or would you rather sell nicer items with good brands backing them?

Supply & demand.. when you have something rare or unique, don’t be scared to charge a lot for it. Create that either by sourcing the best products to resell or offering a service that NO one can match.

Make customers NEED you, rather than you need customers.

Customer service. Be good to people and don’t rip them off for a few bucks. It’s okay to lose money on something as long as you take care of the customer.

ALWAYS grinding. When do you ever see crack dealers sleeping?

They are out before you’re awake. They hustle harder than any corporate schmuck. Always be pushing. When you fuck up, so what just move on to the next thing. Once you slow down, you lose.

Thing is, you need to get away from the grind. That is what takes you from the streets to the penthouse. Hire others to do tasks that you don’t need to do. Some people are grunts & others are bosses, become the boss or forever be a grunt!

Always watch your back. NEVER trust a stranger.

Remember, Ted Bundy was a handsome man that lured women in with his charm. When it comes to business, there are so many shitty/shady people. We have been screwed 3 times this year, but it’s okay because those situations will never happen again.

I want you guys to become true hustlers & have freedom of your own. No, I don’t want you to start selling crack to your neighborhood, but I DO want you to take some damn risks!

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