Why you should ship to Canada & Internationally when selling on eBay

Shipping used clothes to Canada is SO easy & should be part of your business in 2020!


Ever wish you could get even more customers on eBay with very little work? Well, you can if you open your world a bit!

Like literally, just start shipping everywhere! People often have this idea in their head that shipping to anywhere besides the US is difficult, it’s not!

Today we’re gonna talk about two programs that can help you expand your global reach overnight!

  1. eBay Global Shipping Program
  2. eBay Standard International Delivery


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eBay Global Shipping Program

This program has been talked about in-depth on pretty much every single blog, so we won’t spend too much time covering it here.

For the seller, this program is quite amazing. 

For buyers, sometimes they end up paying a lot more for shipping

With just the click of a button, you reach over 60 million people.
I don’t know about you, but to me, that is a game-changer.

For our small business, we ship at least 1-3 items a week globally!

The process is simple…
– You get the order as normal, buyer pays eBay separate fee
– You ship the item to a warehouse in Kentucky
– eBay handles the rest

That is it, nothing else to it! Anyone can ship internationally like this! 

In my three years of selling over 7000 items on eBay, I have had hundreds of international shipments go 100% okay with no issues.

This really is a great program with good results as long as you don’t ship priceless glasswear.

If you need some shipping supplies, we created a master list here as well as a TON of links to FREE shipping supplies!

Read that blog post here!

eBay International Standard Delivery

Okay so both of these programs ship internationally, how is this one different? 

So this program is really cool because of the word “standard”, think of it as “flat rate” if you are familiar with shipping.

Now, this helps us in two major ways…

  1. Buyers pay less usually for shipping = more sales
  2. You have a very accurate way to judge shipping costs = more money


(Those are the most current rates as of October 2020)

Really not too bad all things considered!

Super easy experience for you as the seller as well! Same thing as the Global Shipping Program where you just ship to a warehouse in the states.

This is a sample label from one of my latest shipments using this program

The label shows an eBay warehouse destination rather than the customers final address.

PS….we have our assistant Loreto create labels for us remotely.
It is the best thing I have EVER done for our eBay business!

I wrote this blog post to talk about our experience with hiring a virtual assistant to help run our six figure eBay business.$5 an hour & we love him dearly!

Read the post about hiring Loreto!

So why ship internationally?

Selling is a numbers game, we want higher chances of wins.

The more people seeing your stuff, the more lines in the water you have! It is a simple business concept that some people just don’t seem to ever grasp.

I will tell you one big secret that most resellers won’t, people in other countries LOVE American brands!

It makes sense, America is super creative and we make some interesting things here. Our brands have longevity & respect around the world (at least some of them)

One thing that I have seen do really well internationally is vintage motorcycle helmets. Almost every time I have sold a vintage helmet for over $200, it has gone overseas.

Besides that, you get a lot of clothes going overseas. People love vintage all around the world. & some “normal” clothes will even sell overseas!

But yeah, the clothes that will be most desirable for overseas customers will be the nicer vintage stuff. Your run of the mill tourist t-shirts won’t work as well.

If people are gonna deal with customs and all that nonsense, they usually want something a bit more expensive.

Don’t be small-minded and think the US is the only place that spends money!

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