How to re-insert needle into price tagging gun after jamming

Do you have a price tagging gun that jammed on you & now you can’t get the needle back in? Is it hard to lock the needle back into place or will the lever not move?

The way to fix this issue & to properly insert the needle back into the price tagging gun is as followed: Match up the cutout area on the needle & the locking mechanism on the price tagging gun, insert firmly. Turn the knob back to the original position which will lock the needle in place.

Avoid touching the tip of the needle as it is VERY sharp.

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This photo shows the needle going back into the tagging gun. See how the cutout area is facing upwards? Any other way WILL NOT WORK on this particular model, yours may be different.

This is a close-up photo of just the needle to give you a better look.

So this is the part that inspired me to create this video. When I had the first issue with my previous tagging gun, for some reason it just wouldn’t go back into place. Low & behold, I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice that the needle had a groove the first time around.

Because I didn’t notice, I was trying to force this thing closed like an idiot.

You should never need much force to flip the lever. It should go down with ease, if you are using pressure, there is something wrong.

Now finally, this last photo will give you a better look at the white piece that swings down to lock the needle in.

There you have it, folks!

This isn’t rocket science, but I hope it does help someone. If I paid attention the first time, I wouldn’t of wasted a couple of days worth of work waiting for a replacement!

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