How to Raise eBay Selling Limits the Real Way (Get To $100,000 a Month!)

If you are just getting started on eBay, or heck maybe you have been on there for a bit but are frustrated with your selling limits. I feel your pain, they suck & it makes it hard to grow at first on eBay.

This is a good thing, it helps weed out losers that don’t deserve to be on the platform.

The problem comes in for us hustlers who are trying to make money from home selling on eBay. So how do we raise our eBay selling limits organically?

EASY! Just be a great seller that eBay wants on their market! Provide fast shipping, good products, & reliable service. That is all eBay wants from you. There is NO secret or hack to this. Just time & hard work. Sorry if that isn’t what you want to hear.

The three ways to raise your selling limits of eBay are…

  1. Be consistent
  2. Be a great seller
  3. Keep listing no matter what!


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Guys, there is NO SECRET!

Be consistent to Raise eBay Selling Limits!

This is the number one rule when trying to do anything, just never stop! That is how most successful people say they “made it”… they just kept pushing when things got hard!

I will be the first to tell you, selling on eBay is not what I want to be doing in the next few years. It’s been a long journey, with so many highs & lows, but now we are looking to move into the digital product world.

I say all this so you guys know where we’re at. Too many gurus make everything seem glamorous, it’s not. Selling online and finding inventory all of the time gets old. Thing is, so does a job, so does anything!

Would I rather have a job right now? HECK NO!

This is also important to talk about because getting through bad times is hard & why most people never succeed at anything. They quit too damn early!

Once you stop being consistent, everything else starts to slip. eBay loves consistency, we will talk about it more below, but it’s a big deal!

I’m not saying you have to do listings every single day. What I’m saying is to do everything consistently!

The way you buy items
The way you walk through a thrift store
The way you take photos of items
The way your titles & descriptions look

NONE of this helps you raise your selling limits on eBay directly, but they are the key things that help any seller grow online! When you do things consistently, that is called a process. Too many people fail at this one simple thing & wonder why they never see growth.

Create a way to do every single action & I promise that alone will help raise your eBay selling limits in a NON-direct way.

Be a Great Seller to Raise Your eBay Selling Limits!

Listen, any idiot can list something online and sell it. Not that hard.

This is how to be a GREAT seller!

  1. Ship FAST
  2. Good listings that under-sell the product
  3. Make it easy to buy from you

Notice I didn’t say returns? We don’t do returns, neither should you as a small seller.eBay may want you to take returns for 20 years, but its not necessary!

What you MUST do is ship FAST!

Its 2020 & Amazon has ruined the internet & how fast people expect to get packages. eBay now is even pushing “fast & free shipping” which they want things to the customer in 3 days.

I see no problem with this & typically the only ones that have an issue with it are really old grumpy sellers.

If you are waiting longer than 1 day to ship something, you will fail at this!

eBay wants fast shippers because that means happy buyers. If you prove to them that you can maintain your shipping speed, I promise that will help grow your selling limits!

Using USPS Priority & First Class Mail isn’t expensive & will make eBay/customers super happy!

Don’t know anything about shipping supplies? Check out this master post about our favorite shipping supplies & even some FREE stuff!

Under-Sell your item 

If you are coming from the world of Poshmark & those idiots teaching you to oversell your used stuff, you will be in a world of hurt.

Don’t EVER oversell an item, no matter what it is. That is the fastest way to make a customer down right sad when they receive something.

Poshmark wants you to take boutique-style photos of your items, lifestyle type stuff. Problem is, these girls are selling used stuff. Buyers need to see the condition, not how cute it looks with red nails.

If you have a real brand & product that you sell multiple of, this doesn’t apply to you. Taking lifestyle photos is how you build brand awareness. That’s not the case when it comes to selling used clothes on eBay.

You’re not looking to build brand awareness or run a “cute” ad campaign. We are looking to create the MOST accurate & relevant search result for the customer. We do this by using clear titles, descriptions & photos.

Don’t make people think that you’re used item is perfect, undersell it by just a bit to make the buyer that much happier when they receive it!

Make it EASY for buyers to buy from you!

You know how some sellers still charge for shipping? Yeah, that’s not easy for the buyer.

Why are you making a buyer do math? Do you understand how much competition you have when selling on eBay? I promise you listings that offer free shipping do better just based on this alone.

One thing I have learned over the years is that buyers are really easy to lose. Customers move on to other sellers faster than you can imagine on these marketplaces.

When you sell used clothes, make sure you include measurements!

So many sellers still don’t do this simple thing! That alone will increase your sales since buyers have all the info they need in front of them instead of having to message you.

Making your listing easy to understand & the buying experience easier will only make you more money!

Those are just three ways on how to be a great seller on eBay & increase your selling limits the organic way!

Grow your eBay business & selling limits by consistently listing!

This is a big one. We talked about consistency earlier in this post. I also mentioned that you don’t need to list daily, this is true, but you do need to list often.

eBay likes this & so does your wallet. Plain and simple, the more you list, the more money you can make. The more active you are on eBay & the more they see you trying to sell = the more they try to boost you.

All of this may seem like nonsense or speculation, it is.No one really knows how these algorithms work on major websites. It’s all just best guess type stuff.

In my years of selling on eBay, this is what I know to be true…

The times that we were listing consistently (at least 3 times a week), we were getting more sales. Now yeah, I get it… we were listing more stuff so things were selling more. NOPE!

This was old stuff that was selling. Sure, some new items sold, but we always saw odd spikes in sales when we were consistently listing on eBay.

Again, this is personal experience backed up with some research on how major algorithms work online.

If I owned eBay, I would reward those sellers who were adding new products to my marketplace often. That’s what I will leave you with.

In conclusion…

I hope this was helpful! Sorry if you were looking for a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. Not what we teach here. Organic growth is the only way to grow a real business.

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