How to get ready for 4th quarter on eBay, Poshmark & Mercari [2020 PRO tips]

Are you a new seller wondering how to get prepared for the fourth quarter (holiday season)?

We have now done three years of over $100k in annual sales, this is how we prepared each year…

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Plan ALL year

This should be a given, but many new sellers often overlook this simple money making trick!

If you have the money & space to store items, you should be buying winter stuff YEAR round. It can make you so much money when the season hits, really is worth your time.

 Experiment on your business

The slow time is also the best time to run tests on inventory & on your process. Make tweaks, try out eBay promotions, & dive deeper into the tools you can use to streamline your business.

Our business has evolved SO much over the past three years, nothing is the same as it was even 3 months ago. Keep making changes, never be satisfied!

Learn your market

While sales are slow, you should be out thrifting & learning as much as possible about YOUR local market!

During summer, spend an extra 30 minutes in each of your regular thrift stores. If you mainly sell mens clothes, start diving into womens. Just start expanding & growing your knowledge during downtime instead of wasting it watching Netflix.

You have no excuse to not do this! Do NOT limit yourself to one selling category when first starting out. Having a niche is great, but unless you are an expert in that niche, you probably won’t do so well.

Learning about diverse categories & types of inventory will only make you more money!

Get your supplies


Get your FREE shipping supplies!

Most people don’t know that USPS gives out free shipping supplies or that they will come to your house to pick up packages! 

If you are leaving your house to ship packages… do better!

This is a MEGA post of our favorite shipping supplies that we use daily. I created this so everyone can have the links to all the amazing free goodies out there!

Free Shipping Supplies Guide

Buy more winter stuff!

Winter is the best time to make money selling used clothes on eBay or Poshmark.

It is October now & the thrift stores started putting out jackets and sweaters about two weeks ago. Are you stocking up on them HARD?

Your receipts should be a bit higher now as inventory will start costing more, buy typically always sells for more.

RememberPeople abuse jackets & winter stuff, be careful & triple check all major seams.

Don’t avoid the sports section!

Winter sports are awesome because there are so many things to sell in this category & people often donate this stuff.

Typically people that ski & snowboard like to show off so they often buy new gear to look trendy. Capitalize on this and buy all of their lightly used stuff off of Facebook Marketplace & from thrift stores!

Some ski & snowboard boots can go for serious money, same with gloves & helmets. This stuff isn’t cheap when it is quality. I don’t recommend trying to sell skis… most that end up in thrift stores are older or just the profits arent there if you try to ship them.

I would only dive deep into this category if you are a skier or snowboarder yourself. It is highly specialized & this market sees so many new products each year.

Vintage snowboard & ski boots will not be worth your time. People only want really nice modern stuff!

Make sure you are buying ALL of the winter snow pants you can get! These things sell amazing on eBay & Poshmark!

Double-check the hems (bottom of pants) to make sure there aren’t any crazy tears. Small ones are usually okay but avoid large ones.

Organize and prepare


Listen, we do this for a full-time living, but we are real. Sometimes we get lazy & things build up. Today, we killed some of those piles!

Letting things slip sucks, but not taking care of them & acknowledging your weakness sucks even more! Be real with yourself and take a look at your space from an outside perspective…

How can you organize better?
How can you set up your work station so things are easier to get to?
How do you take photos faster for online sales?

These are all questions that you should be trying to answer OFTEN. Not just one time every 10 years, like every week…

Go through ALL of your inventory

Just double-check everything is listed, properly inventoried & not damaged from some crazy water leak that you had in your basement.

Pretty much just make sure you are ready to fulfill orders. This is especially important if you cross-list on multiple platforms.

Maybe something sold on one & you forgot to pull it off the other… Just double checking things like this will make your life wayyy less stressful!

To end this non-sense…

Being prepared for 4th quarter starts long before today.

This is a full-year commitment. You learn in Q 1-3 & then KILL it in the 4th!

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