How to Find Reliable Wholesale Liquidation Sources Online

eBay just announced this partnership with the liquidator BULQ.com & wow what a failure this was. eBay should be ashamed of pushing this onto their customers. Too many newer sellers will lose money off these garbage lots & eBay will do nothing to help them.

By the way, if you want to hear me rant & complain about eBay & BULQ wholesale liquidation lots, check out this video!

So that got me thinking… why don’t I just show you guys where I would buy liquidations from…I have both lost & made money on liquidation lots so this is real experience, not theory.

Buying wholesale & liquidations are some of the hardest aspects of reselling, those connections take YEARS to make. Any YouTuber selling you a course based around you finding a wholesaler is just stealing your money.

Below will contain some first-hand experiences, things to avoid, & places to find REAL liquidation inventory. Before we proceed, please do your own research before buying liquidation. Though I will suggest markets to shop at, I don’t guarantee any success.

Let’s get into it!

My experience with buying liquidation pallets

I have sourced liquidation from liquidation.com & from a company locally. These are my experiences…

Liquidation.com was trash. The lot I paid $300 for was supposed to have a $250 LEATHER tool belt. Instead, I received a cheap Chinese NYLON $20 belt.

Their customer service was even more garbage. Took those idiots 3 weeks to send out a box… pathetic. I would never do business with them. The $300 buy was a test buy for future expensive purchases & they failed miserably.

On to my local source/success story…

When we lived in Utah, there was a local news network named KSL. They had a great classifieds section & a mobile app. This wasn’t a junky thing that no one used, I bought & sold SO much on there.

One day while on the app, I found this guy offering liquidation pallets locally in Utah. I texted him & we got to talking.

He was receiving “Amazon Warehouse” shelf pulls. It was an interesting mix of stuff. If you didn’t know, Amazon Warehouse is Amazon’s secondary market. Here you can get open box, returns, etc for discounts. This is a normal retail site that anyone can buy from right now, just most people don’t know about it.

Some things were literally brand new with minor packaging damage, others had severe damage or were missing parts. Thing is, the stuff on these pallets was pretty insane… some of my top finds…

  1. LG curved monitor – sold for $400
  2. Wacom drawing tablet – sold for $500
  3. Breville espresso machine – sold for $450
  4. Pool pump – sold for $300
  5. Air purifiers – sold over $2000 worth of these

5 Things you MUST know about buying liquidation pallets

  1. If the liquidation supplier cant use the companies name (ie Amazon or Best Buy) – don’t buy from them
  2. Most people lose money on liquidations
  3. It’s always more work than you expect
  4. New in box items can be junk (segway battery incident from years back)
  5. Finding a good source will not be overnight

How to find liquidation, wholesale & overstock inventory

Go to Google & type in liquidation or customer returns, you get millions of results. Again, guys, this stuff is NOT hard to find. It’s called liquidations for a reason, they are actively trying to get rid of it.

The problem is this…MOST liquidations only come from several large companies.

These are companies that clear out entire lines of shopping centers when they close down. In this case, being the big guy actually helps because they are moving truckloads in and out. To them, pulling random items out to make crappy lots wouldn’t make sense.

Then comes a company like BULQ.com (or many others, they are all literally the same). These places receive truckloads & break them down to sell as pallets and small lots.

This is great for them but really bad for you as a reseller, especially when it comes to salvage type stuff. They kill most of your margin, but then you figure in shipping & time… no money to be made.

The ONLY way to make REAL money in this game is by buying truckloads.

Unless you are getting trucks direct from Amazon or Best Buy, most likely it will be picked over & the good stuff will be sold on that companies own eBay account. 

Remember this… you can hire a dude for $5 an hour, he can be high off his ass all day, yet he can still pull Apple products all day out of truckloads. It doesn’t take much effort to pull the good stuff out when 99% is trash.

Don’t think that these smaller liquidators aren’t doing this. If a liquidator is selling you stuff by the pallet, most likely they are pulling out the best stuff for themselves.

B Stock Liquidations

So Bstock.com is a really large player in this game. From them, you can source from pretty much any of your favorite retailers. They always have inventory, their site is actually decent, & you may be able to actually make money.

Wanna know how you can trust them SOMEWHAT right off the bat?

See how this shows the full name of major retailers like Amazon and Home Depot?

If you stumble upon a liquidation website that hides the names of companies or abbreviates their names, stay FAR away. Those will be the guys in the game that you really don’t want to deal with.

If you do buy liquidation, only work with companies who are direct buyers from major companies. Anything else will be picked over 5x before it gets to you.

Wrap up

I don’t want to scare you guys, there is plenty of money to be made in the liquidation game. Thing is, it’s not for everyone, so please be cautious!

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