Growing our digital products business in 2021

The number one tip we can give you when trying to grow a small following? Be yourself & be consistent.

Never stop creating content.

It has nothing to do with how amazing your camera skills are. It’s all about creating good content that is relevant & helps people. At the end of the day, you need to please the audience you are going after.

Before you even turn the camera, think about this first…

Who am I going after?

Why am I going after them? 

What am I going to do with them once I “have them”?

Our YouTube channel & Instagram are TINY, but they are both growing. 

We had this old YouTube channel that I tried to launch years ago. Never got anywhere except for a few thousand views on a tutorial video. Once we started posting more & more, things started to take off…

In 90 days we have gotten over 380 subscribers on YouTube, but that’s not the only platform we were growing…

On Instagram, we went from a dead thrifting account with around 700 followers to an active one with over 1400 right now. 

So in 90 days, that is over 1000 NEW subscribers. How did we do it?

Simple, by creating content that people would like. Our ONLY goal is to help people & to spread the word about financial independence. We also targeted followers by hashtags and engaged with like-minded people. 

Yes, you MUST post a lot. Like multiple times a day, across multiple platforms. It’s not easy & takes trial & error to figure out. Was posting a video every day easy? No, but it got us followers.

How do we create SO much content with no design background?

Using free tools like Canva, we are able to just resize graphics and cross-post to EVERYWHERE

You can use Canva for free, but the PRO plan is so worth it!
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This is our game plan for growth & making money online in 2021 & the future!

Step 1. Think of what you want to talk about (passions, hobbies, etc)

Step 2Create a blog, YouTube, TikTok & Instagram. None of these things are rocket science and there are tutorials for literally everything on YouTube.

Step 3. Write blog posts like a crazy person. I want you to do atleast 2-4 posts a week. Suck at writing like me? Hire a writer on Fiverr!

Step 4. Boost your traffic by creating a YouTube channel with the same content. Push viewers to read more on your blog. Create 1-3 YouTube shorts a DAY (these get insane views/subs)

Step 5. Boost traffic even more by creating snippets of all blog/YT content for Instagram & Tik Tok. Push that traffic to your YouTube channel.

Step 6. Get to YouTube monetization level (1000 subs & 4000 watch hours in 1 year). Make money from ads. Once website traffic gets higher, find a good ad network to work with

Step 7. Figure out an info product or course you can create, don’t overthink it. Can be cheap or expensive, depends on your website. Learn how to sell products & create even more passive streams of income.

Step 8. Once you are successful at ALL of that, create another YouTube channel & blog based on teaching people how to grow an online following.

Offer mentorship, sell an even more expensive course, & use your new skills to keep repeating the same thing over & over.

All of that sound crazy?

It is. I’m asking a lot out of you, but people do harder things daily. There is no secret to this stuff guys, it really is just consistency & getting better slowly over time.

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What is working the best right now to grow a following quickly?

Short vertical videos

The world is changing & this is what people want. I don’t care what you think about Tik Tok, it’s got some really creative people on there.

I dare you to download it & prove me wrong. I have learned SO MUCH from being on Tik Tok for just a month.

People like information in short bursts. Our strategy has gone from creating 3-5 long videos a week to making 3-5 short videos a day.

If you didn’t know, YouTube shorts is in beta mode now. You can use it in the US, but it isn’t fully launched. 

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts are any video under 60 seconds, vertical format, with the hashtag #shorts in the description.

That’s all, no other secrets. Just take a great video with your phone & keep it under 60 seconds!

Why create YouTube shorts over long videos?

The way the algorithm is working right now is a bit crazy. It is giving really small channels a chance to be seen when otherwise they would get lost in the world of content.

We are seeing so many more followers from YouTube Shorts, in fact, that’s where all of our new followers are coming from!

These are the top videos as far as subscription for the past month… they are ALL under 60 seconds.

I love this format as well because it makes sense. People don’t want to watch 15-minute thrift haul videos anymore. People want quick satisfaction & then they are off to the next thing.

Is Instagram dead?

No, but it does suck. Facebook in general sucks as a company, but Instagram has really gone downhill. Growing on Instagram organically isn’t as easy as it was 5 years ago. Takes LOTS of effort now to get noticed at all.

Engagement is key on there, you need to be in the comments & part of the community.

Making YouTube & Google happy should be your number one priority. I’m not saying don’t use Instagram, but you should focus your efforts on better platforms (like YouTube).

Make sure to use Instagram Reels, it’s the same as YouTube shorts or Tik Tok. Make sure to be posting in your story multiple times a day & stay engaged with your audience!

So what now?

In the next blog post, we will talk about how to actually make money after you grow this following!

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