Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Resell Junkie. Anything else you need, hit us up at sebastian@reselljunkie.com

What do you teach?

How to make money quickly when needed & the process of building a real steady business. We use platforms like eBay, Facebook & Amazon to accomplish this.

Why should we trust you?

Our ebay business does over $100,000 a year in sales, all used items. It was a fun little thing that turned into a monster. Besides that, along the years we have tried so many side hustles! We know what works & what will waste your time.

Will this be difficult to learn?

Nope! Not at all! Just takes time & the determination to never have a boss again. Some will struggle more than others, but at the end of the day this isnt rocket science. We buy stuff for cheap & sell it for more money.

What will I need to get started?

Honestly not much. If you wanna just sell locally, your smartphone will do. Expanding online, most can still be done with just a phone (we did for a while) but having a computer & printer do make it so much easier.

Why take your course?

We provide real world information that anyone can act on. Selling speciality items is great, but way harder than what we do. Our business model is simple, efficient, & easy to grasp!

What is the mentorship program?

Its where we go 1-on-1 with you and partner on your business! No more guessing games or throwing stuff at the wall till it sticks. Get an honest, outside point of view on your concept & goals. We answer your questions & grow you quicker than on your own!

Why so expensive?

Because you will make your money back in the same week if you actually use the information. This isn’t something we just threw together, its years of data on real world items that anyone can find!