Facebook going after eBay & Poshmark with 0% fees for shipped items!

Want to grow your online eBay or Poshmark business this year but don’t know where to start?

Did you know that Facebook Marketplace is free right now for any shipped orders?

Use Facebook Marketplace to grow your sales by using a HUGE community of shoppers! People love hanging out on Facebook all day, now they are getting used to shopping on it!

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Facebook was taking the marketplace section a bit more seriously the past year, but after this COVID non-sense, they have really ramped it up.

Though we don’t use it much to ship, the times we have were simple & cheap. For local sales, it is our go-to, just so easy to make money locally selling stuff! We will be expanding our business onto Facebook & suggest more of you try it as well!

This is a quick video overview about listing on Facebook & a couple of things to keep note.

Why you should sell used items on Facebook marketplace…

Ease of use

This will be the part that gets most people HOOKED!

It is just so dang easy to list on Facebook Marketplace. Few buttons & things to fill in, but anyone can list something in under a minute.

Other platforms aren’t difficult, but just the overall experience of using Facebook to sell used items just seems a bit cleaner & simpler. Poshmark is SUPER simple to list on, but overall Facebook still wins.

eBay is a bit more cumbersome. If you do not set up pre-made listing templates, it can really become a chore. If you are listing 1 item a week it may not mean much to you, but we list over 100 a week so it makes a big difference. 

User comfort

People know & trust Facebook (not really but you know what I mean).

I don’t trust any large media company, but the brand has recognition. When you hear Facebook, you know it is a huge corporation. Therefore, MOST people assume that buying/selling on there will be safe.

This is SO vital to success. Places like Offerup & Craigslist never really took the next steps because nothing made users feel comfortable using the apps. People thought you would get murdered from buying on Craigslist, & others knew that Offerup was where the stolen crap was going.

Facebook is a bit different. Sure people are worried about the whole privacy thing, but with 2.6 BILLION users, I think the market is quite large…

Most normal people do spend a ton of time on social media. I don’t suggest you do that, it isn’t healthy for your brain nor your body. Since MOST people are already scrolling through their Facebook feed multiple times a day, wouldn’t you want the chance to land a sale from some of them?

People are super comfortable voicing their crappy opinions on Facebook & posting embarrassing photos, you think they won’t eventually be comfortable buying on there?


No fees until December 21

This is a BIG deal!

We have seen them do this two times this year (2020). Really great way to introduce yourself to this huge marketplace.

5% may not seem like a lot, and it isn’t (hopefully it stays that low), but these fees add up. 

That 5% is an extra bit of cash for you to use this Christmas on gifts or even more inventory! Save money when & where you can!

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Who shops on Facebook Marketplace & what sells?



Wanna know why a ton of young kids stopped using Facebook? Cause the old folks came in…

Having your parents & relatives watch your every move can be interesting, especially if you don’t care about much, like us!

Good thing is that these people actually spend money. Sure, young people buy a ton of crap, but so do the older generation. The best thing is that as sad as it is to say, these people may be ever MORE invested in social media than some of the younger generations. People are lonely, especially a ton of older folks.

Social media is a great escape to a whole ‘other world. These people fall deep into this trap, not really understanding how the tech & design is keeping them for hours. Again, all of this sounds awful, & it is. But we are here to talk about money. We want them trapped.

Young people still use Facebook to scroll and kill time, but times are changing for sure.

Give it a year or so & you will be seeing marketplace ads on your normal feed & in random places online. Just one more rung in the eco-system to keep people on their platform longer!



With 2.6 BILLION users, I think you can find an ass for every seat…

From clothing to electronics, anything & everything will sell on there. Heck, you can even sell underwear to perverts if you want!

Facebook is such a diverse marketplace, unlike Poshmark.  If you use Mercari or eBay, this won’t be new to you. But coming from the constricted Poshmark world, Facebook is a breath of fresh air!

From small to big, it doesn’t matter because the next topic is all about selling big crap locally!


Local still king

I have made my family SO MUCH MONEY from buying & selling used crap on Facebook.

From flipping free furniture the same day for cash, to finding insane deals on stuff that made me killer profits!

Shipping stuff on Facebook is cool, but local flips are GREAT!

Anyone can do this, there is absolutely no excuse as to why you cannot make $1000 a month by flipping stuff on Facebook. That is EASY & LAZY money.

People give away SO much free crap it is insane! I made this quick screencast to show some quick examples!

In our free course, we talk about local flips & how to make money FAST

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Facebook Marketplace vs eBay & Poshmark



Facebook = New & Eager

They aren’t doing free selling fees to be nice dummies, it is to get new sellers on there right before the holidays.

This is great, take advantage of every promotion they do. 

You may not use Facebook, doesn’t matter, we don’t either. But, if you do want to follow the money, we highly suggest you take note of what they are trying to do.


Poshmark = Women 


Yeah, you can buy & sell men’s stuff on there, but the app is 110% focused on women…

Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to start a large scale business that sells to diverse people, it may cause tons of issues.

We sold over $10,000 worth of used clothes on Poshmark before calling it quits.

I HATE the social aspect of Poshmark. It is beyond stupid & sharing your closet so often will drive you crazy.

You can read more about our experience with Poshmark here

eBay = Old dog  

You know that old guy sitting in the corner that you KNOW has some crazy stories? That is eBay. Kinda like your crazy uncle that just went a different direction than the whole family.

eBay was once a dumping ground for junk, but now it is a HIGHLY efficient sales platform!

Before people would send cash in the mail & HOPE that their item would arrive, things have changed a bit since then. Most items that are sold on eBay are brand new.

Most people wouldn’t believe that, I honestly didn’t at first. You expect everything on there to be used junk, but it isn’t.

Thing is, they have evolved a lot, but still kept some of their dirty old roots. Nowhere else in the world can you bid on million-dollar cars AND vintage t-shirts on the same marketplace. It truly is amazing & most people just laugh at it…

If you wanna know why eBay SUCKS! You should read this post…

Why eBay still wins…


Sales Tools

So many grumpy old-timers talk crap on eBay advertising and promoted listings. Why?

Because they don’t understand the internet.

No one wants to make a small profit, but most people also don’t want to sit on inventory for months. That is where running ads & promotions come in…

I don’t care what you think about this feature, you are wrong. Promotion & advertising items is common practice & with a marketplace so flooded with products from worldwide sellers, it is necessary.

We run sales and promote most of our listings. Typically we will keep items at their listed price for about 1.5-2 weeks, after that we will start sending offers, running ads & sales.

Listen, if you want to sit on an item for a whole year just to scrape $10 more out of it, go for it. That is not our business model. We like fast cash.


Worldwide reach

When you have billions of people using a platform, those people want to buy a bunch of different things. That is why we LOVE selling on gigantic marketplaces that have international reach.

Facebook won’t let you ship internationally…yet. Give it a couple of years and they will be there just like eBay is.

If you don’t sell on eBay, you may not know about the Global Shipping Program. 

It is an incredible way to connect yourself with international customers without the headache of logistics! You take the order as normal, buyer pays all fees on their end. All you do is ship to an eBay warehouse in Kentucky & they handle the rest for you!

They are expanding discounts to Canadian shipments as well. We LOVE shipping to our friends up in Canada as they are often forgotten about!


You have SO many choices when it comes to selling online now, we hardly even scraped the surface.

All we want from this post is to expand your thinking & to start expanding your business!

If this made you super curious about the wonderful world of selling used stuff, you should really check out our FREE course!

It was made for normal people to get a basic understanding of how to buy & sell items locally/online.

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