Close Up Photos of Common Clothing Fabrics

Ever wanted to see some of the most common fabrics close up? Probably not? Well, here they are!

Today we’re gonna show you several very common fabrics that we use daily, but how many of us REALLY know what they look like?

When it comes to clothing, fabrics matter.

Cotton isn’t just cotton & Nylon isn’t just Nylon. This won’t be a fabric 101 type thing, more so this is intended to get you interested in the small world around you. Clothing is often neglected & treated as a commodity even though it keeps us safe from the elements.

If you want to see what I used to take these pictures, scroll to the very bottom!

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Without clothing, we would have never progressed as a people.

Let’s see what the macro world looks like!

North Face Ski Suit – Nylon

Nylon is used for many things… from backpacks, military belts, to jackets. Great fabric for outdoors & exposure to the elements.

In this case, we have this North Face ski suit. It is 100% Nylon with Polyurethane. This item is clearly intended to be used in a snowy/wet environment.

The Polyurethane is there for the water repellency, just one extra layer of protection. I am not a scientist nor an expert in fabrics, if you want some crazy detailed information, check out this post by Slingfin

This suit had several layers to it. The darker areas were a more reinforced type nylon blend to help with wear in critical spots.

Faux Fur Fashion Jacket – Polyester

Here we have something you will see all the time in the women’s section. These fake shearling/fur coats are super common because they are really comfortable!


Wanna take photos like this? Are you bored at home & need a new hobby? Macro photography is awesome & can open your eyes to a whole nother world! I used these $30 adapters from Amazon, you can read more about them here!

We have another Nylon! This time there is no coating & the weave is a bit different. You can see every little nylon fiber in these.

These prAna pants were actually lined as well, super thick/heavy pants.


Ariat Denim Jeans – Cotton/Denim

Alright, so these Ariat jeans are actually Flame Resistant, that’s what the FR stands for on the tag.

This is important to know as these products have a niche market & do bring a premium.

By the way, for those that don’t know, denim is cotton. 

This is a great blog post talking about Flame Resistant clothing

This is just a close up of the stitching on a pair of jeans. You can see how heavy duty the thread is on this pair of pants.

Woolrich Sweater – Wool / Nylon

I don’t understand how people wear wool sweaters.

It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever in my opinion, but ill sell them if people keep buying! You see wool often, but blends probably even more often!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but after a while, you learn what “plasticky” feels like. Like with all natural fiber clothing, it is all about feel & smell.

Harvard Hoodie – Cotton

Something we all love and wear daily, but never give it a second thought… your favorite hoodie!

North Face Goretex Jacket – Nylon/ripstop

So Nylon again… I promise I’m not trying to waste your time!

When we take a look at this weave, it is so vastly different from the others. Wanna know why? Those squares you see, that’s “ripstop”.

Ripstop does literally just that, it tries to stop tears from getting larger. At the end of the day, this is great for lightweight items like this jacket, backpacks, & tents. It’s a durable material that can take some abuse.

After looking up Activent from GoreTex, I actually learned that this wasn’t their best line of rain gear. This jacket would do okay in a light shower, but anything more than that wouldn’t be so great.

The fact that this is Organic cotton doesn’t really change much as far as what it looks like. Mainly wanted to show off the weave on a flannel shirt. This was my favorite one to see up close.

Patagonia makes a TON of stuff with Organic cotton & Hemp. Adding those to listing titles may help generate sales.

How I took these pictures on a budget

I LOVE photography, it’s been my hobby for about 15 years now. Through the times, I have tried pretty much every aspect of it. Macro photography is something that always made me happy to do. I just enjoy the small details around us!

We do have a nice camera, it’s a Fuji XH-1, but you don’t need anything that fancy. You can take macro shots with just your iPhone and a cheap adapter. Heck, even for our camera, the adapters are only $30 & they RETAIN AUTOFOCUS!

The links below are Amazon Affiliate links, we earn a commission if you purchase anything through them. We appreciate the support 🙂

Since everyone has a different budget & camera, this is a general search on Amazon for Macro adapter

If you want a cheap setup for your iPhone, this is a clip-on lense we used before.

Wrap up

Again, I am not an expert in this field, but I do have an interest. The photography side of things is a long time hobby of mine so it’s nice to find a way to take photos of clothes in a unique way.

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