BULQ & eBay Wholesale Lots – Partnering to Sell You Garbage in 2020

You may have received an email from eBay announcing their new wholesale partnership with the liquidation company BULQ.com. I’m going to tell you why you should stay far away from this if you are a reseller looking to flip this stuff for a profit.

Over the course of our reselling journey, we have flipped many things. Of those thousands of items, some came from Amazon Liquidation pallets. Though BULQ & Amazon Liquidations are two different companies, the inventory you receive will be about the same.

eBay should be ashamed of this partnership. Its trash. There are reputable liquidation companies out there, but they chose BULQ? Really guys? I know eBay makes some poor decisions, but wow this one is a bad one.

As a professional full-time eBay seller and hustler, I would not buy anything from BULQ, even through eBay’s new partnership with them.. Reason why? Liquidations are garbage 99% of the time unless you have a great connection. BULQ is NOT a great connection.

eBay & BULQs wholesale lots are not a great way to make money. I would stick to thrift shopping or better suppliers of liquidation goods. If you are a new seller, stay away from this market for now.

Let’s just get into it and talk about why to avoid this at all costs!

This video will explain EVERYTHING!

Inventory just plain sucks

Listen, there is a reason this stuff is being liquidated.

Stuff that is insanely popular doesn’t just get pulled from shelves and thrown on a pallet. You will be getting odd sizes, out of season, damaged, & returns.

Looking through some of their eBay listings, they do have a few that contain Ipads & Macbooks, but of course, they are selling those as untested…

Maybe you will get lucky and have some working devices in there. Maybe they are in like-new condition. But I bet you they are not.

Companies have no reason to liquidate Apple products, BULQ just added these in to make their inventory look better for this new program. I guarantee you will not have a steady supply of products from them.

If you want to buy swim caps and hold onto them for 6 months, now may be your chance!

This was probably the most garbage lot I have found so far… $700 for some toddler shoes? Are they high?

I couldn’t really believe this. Who would buy this to resell? There is not a penny to be made there…

Liquidation is not for everyone

This is a tough game & not for the faint of heart. Most people will lose money at this & it won’t be fun.

Any source you find trying to market liquidation inventory is not someone you want to buy from. The big guys don’t push onto small sellers, it’s a waste of time.BULQ knows that serious buyers won’t shop with them so they try to go after new sellers.

To be in the liquidation game you should be prepared to have thousands to invest, a decent size space, & an amazing process to handle it all.

It sounds awesome to get $30k of inventory for $5000, but there is a reason it is so discounted.

Some of the key points of the video transcribed:

Selling liquidations online is one of the fastest ways to lose money as a reseller.

What, we’re going to talk about today is an email that I just got from eBay.

So what they did is they released the partnership, a wholesale agreement with the website, BULQ.com, which does wholesale supply pallets and whatnot.

They’re going to be doing it straight through eBay & when you buy one of their pallets, every single item is already going to have a special code. So when you get that box of stuff, all you literally do is type that code in and it automatically lists it for you through eBay system.

I’m not sure exactly how that part works. We’re not going to talk about that right now. What, we’re going to talk about is why you should avoid this at all costs. So let’s just get into it before we even talk about this program. I’m going to tell you about our history of liquidations and this whole market in general.

We purchased our first lot from liquidation.com and I totally lost my butt on it. Like it was garbage. I’ve spent $280 and it was just pure trash. Their customer service is God awful.

Never buy anything from liquidation.com. It will be one of the worst experiences you will ever have in your life.

Now liquidation works there’s a lot of money in it, and there’s a reason why a lot of people flip this stuff. It works really, really well for certain people, but not for everyone guys.

There was about 1% of resellers that should touch liquidations. Everyone else should pretty much stay away from it. So we had that awful experience with liquidation.com. Then about, I don’t know, I’d say maybe six months to a year later I was scrolling through this local classifieds app that we used to have back in Utah.

I found this guy that was doing liquidation truckloads & pallets, but it was Amazon liquidations this time. It was just straight from there. Most likely they were getting it from B stock.com and then just middleman it.

It was being pulled directly from their like secondary market, which was. Really interesting. Like we got so many good things, guys. I can’t even explain to you how much money we made off these pallets. It was crazy. It was all pretty much just like brand new or like in new condition high-end stuff like air purifiers, and even like a segway we found curved monitors, just really, really good stuff.

It wasn’t this kind of trash that BULQ is trying to really push on you guys.

That’s the thing with liquidation. There are so many different levels of it.

Salvage – Pretty much just junk, stay away unless you have a high risk tolerance
Customer returns – Almost as bad as salvage, but you can make money if you get lucky
Shelf pulls – Packages will be dinged up but usually okay
New – Should be as close to new as possible

Customer returns can literally mean anything.  Someone can buy an iPad and put a broken iPad in then box & send it back. That’s what you get as the buyer of a liquidation pallet.

When these companies sell you untested merchandise, 99.9% of the time it’s going to be garbage.

Anything you Google pretty much online is not going to be a good connection. It’s not how this game works. This market is so, so flooded and there are so many people that want cheap inventory for you to think that you’re just going to Google something and find a wholesale supplier like that is comedic.

I understand what they’re doing. They’re trying to spread wholesale and they’re trying to grow sales and they’re trying to make it easier for sellers to get inventory, especially right now from home.

They get a lot of stuff from target and guys, most target stuff is just trash. There, no money to be made on it.

Wrap up

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