Best Selling Brands on eBay – Used Mens Clothes Edition

Are you a clothing reseller & want to know what brands sell the best on eBay? This will be the post for you!

My VA Loreto gathered some awesome data for us all, these are the criteria he used:

  • Used men’s clothing
  • Sold in the entire year in 2020
  • US market only
  • Does NOT include shoes

This data was gathered using Terapeak, which is a pretty much eBays “sold listings” on steroids…

I hope this helps you make some buying decisions when out in the thrift stores! The raw numbers will be below for any super nerds! If you want to know my FAVORITE brands to resell when it comes to mens clothing, you can see that below as well!

Brand Quantity sold on eBay in 1 year
Ralph Lauren 396,305
Nike 367,013
Levis 276,910
Under Armour 173,015
Patagonia 106,902
Carharrt 106,629
Adidas 105,920
Columbia 95,562



Brand Average price sold on eBay
Ralph Lauren $25.38
Nike $19.83
Levis $21.87
Under Armour $15.14
Patagonia $38.11
Carharrt $25.57
Adidas $19.20
Columbia $16.69


Now let’s talk about mens shoes!

Brand Quantity Sold
Nike 759,385
Adidas 157,065
Vans 59,377
New Balance 46,190
Converse 41,237
Cole Haan 35,557
Allen Edmonds 32,713
Timberland 29,132



Brand Quantity Sold
Red Wing 25,024
Reebok 21,656
Dr Marten 20,982
Hoka One One 20,841
Sperry 19,617
Sketchers 19,505
Johnston & Murphy 14,045
Birkenstock 10,450

My FAVORITE mens brands to resell on eBay

  1. CC Filson
  2. Arc’Teryx
  3. Patagonia
  4. North Face
  5. Castelli

This list may look familiar to some of you guys, but lets talk about it.

CC Filson is an awesome brand when it comes to resell value, their stuff is NOT cheap. One big tip here… they make oil waxed jackets, it may smell like motor oil, but they sell for a TON of money. Don’t pass on those.

This is a hard brand to find, but when you do it is always worth money, no matter what the item is!

Arc’teryx is one of those brands that many people don’t know about at thrift stores, honestly because it’s hard to find. Over the years, I have only found it 4 times.

Great brand & sells really fast when in good shape. The jackets can go for hundreds of dollars.


There is a brand that is called Arctix, this brand is GARBAGE and almost tries to trick you into thinking they are Arc’Teryx. Just pay attention!

Patagonia & North Face will be grouped together in this post because they are pretty similar. You will always find them in outdoors type areas, especially if you live in the mountains like us.

Both great brands, but Patagonia is just slightly better and overall brings more money. North Face is a bit more mass-produced, so not as special.

BUT, North Face does have “hype culture” behind it, by doing collabs with brands like Supreme, they have elevated some pieces to be worth over $1000!

Word of caution about North Face… it is one the MOST faked brands in the world. Learn what the real stuff feels like. Typically the fakes are easy to spot as they tags will be awful quality and have common misspellings.

See this video for an example I found recently at Goodwill.

I’m willing to bet most of you reading this have never heard of the brand Castelli

It is a cycling brand that can be found in nicer areas. Their stuff usually isn’t cheap when new so the resell value stays higher compare to other cycling brands.

Overall the cycling niche is a GREAT one because so many people are into it. These folks also do care about fashion, typically these jerseys show off some aspect of the person. Whether it’s their favorite cycling team, a local club, or just a crazy colored jersey.

Other cycling brands to be aware of: Pearl Izumi, Zoic & Club Ride

I really hope this information was able to help! We plan on creating these all of the time so drop your suggestions in the comments!

For more help & to learn about what clothes sell on eBay, make sure to check out the YouTube Channel!




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