We teach normal people how to make money online!

Husband & wife with a little guy in tow!

We sell used stuff online for a full-time living, crazy to say but that is our “job” now!

Our small business started as a side hustle years ago & now we are teaching others how to do the same!




I LOVE making money, it’s my favorite hobby. Hustling is just pure fun & I get to be a treasure hunter for work, what more could I want?

Most of my time is spent building our online ecosystem & chasing after Oliver as he learns to walk! After spending years working in restaurants & sales, my only goal is to NEVER have a “real” job again!



The conductor

Being a full-time mom keeps me on my toes! There is never a dull moment in our personal OR professional lives. Crazy as it may be, I love building this life with our little family.

You can find me creating content for social media, being a sounding board for the visionary and, making sure everyone in this house gets fed!

Our Goals!

The plan is to be rich & free from the “system” while helping others accomplish the same!

Spending as much time with our son & as a family is the only thing we are after.

Currently, we live in Colorado but are looking to become nomadic & start traveling, creating other businesses like Resell Junkie will hopefully allow that to happen!


History of our side hustle!

A brief glimpse into the past several years

Sold random crap out of my closet on Poshmark

Literally one day Sebastian just got bored & downloaded Poshmark. From there he proceeded to sell his first thing within 1 hour of listing it. After that, it was game over. The thrift stores were calling & the business was starting!

6 months later quit the job I hated

Things went really well & that job I hated was no longer in my life. The story is quite long & crazy but it was well worth it.

Having a business is hard, but commuting long hours & working for someone you hate is way harder in my opinion!



Failed, failed, & failed some more

So many screw-ups, all of which will be awesome blog posts one day. But for now, let’s be real for a second. We are real people. Shyanne and I screw up so much at so many things, but we try to only do that once.

One thing we are both great at is learning, which is a true skill. Growing as individuals and as a couple is something that we work on constantly & now we are starting to catch astride!

Now we have a steady business!

It wasn’t always like this… so many hard days, but so worth it. Now, our business is simple & efficient. We know what we like & what we don’t. It’s ours!

Our schedules aren’t hectic, we don’t spend all day thrifting, nor do we even do our own listings anymore! I wouldn’t say life is easy, we are still totally broke, but we have time & freedom to think of our next moves in life!

At this point, our business does over $100k in sales a year on eBay. All used items sourced locally from thrift stores, garage sales, & even online marketplaces like Facebook!

Moving On To Teaching!

Resell Junkie was a conversation that ended up turning into everything you see in front of you. Shyanne and I just thought of it one day & the time was right. The business was at a place where we could focus some energy on creating content & lesson plans.

Online marketing & course creation is something totally new to us, but wow is it amazing! The goal is by next year to not have to sell anymore used items at all! We love teaching and creating content, that is what Resell Junkie will be for us!

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