5 Business Fails of 2020 – Our journey to become rich!

Are you looking for a great job that has a great retirement plan & steady work for the next 40 years? You’re in the wrong place. If you are eager & want to be a millionaire early in life, stick around!

I want to start by saying, we are poor. By no means are we anywhere remotely close to being millionaires. Every penny we make goes to paying bills or growing the business. The struggle is real.

Shyanne & I wanted to make this video to show you guys that just because you see mild success in one aspect of someone’s life, doesn’t mean everything is like that. 2020 has been interesting for a ton of reasons, but for us even moreso.

Besides having a baby, we tried to start 5 different business ventures/hustles, which all ended up failing in their own way. These failures have all added up to something that actually seems like it MAY work out. Anyone who tells you that failure is bad is a complete loser. You should fail daily.



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