3 reasons why eBay SUCKS & why Poshmark & Mercari are better!

You may be wondering which platform is better to sell on? eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, & Amazon all have their perks. Today we maybe will help you narrow it down a bit more by talking about 3 reasons why eBay totally SUCKS in 2020!

Poshmark & Mercari are better to sell on because their payment systems are smoother, more modern & newer customer base.

Thing is, we still base ALL of our business on eBay, in fact, we still do over $100,000 in sales annually on there…But today we will tell you our honest experience with using eBay over the years and the areas that it really needs some work!

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Now let’s get into 3 reasons why eBay totally SUCKS!

Managed Payments is GARBAGE

Alright, If you are brand new to eBay, just skip this part… this is gonna be me bitching about the switch from Paypal to eBays Managed Payments.

eBay has been talking about this for a while & honestly I was excited. We didn’t take part it the beta program & just recently joined in (well FORCED in)

The amazing thing with Paypal was that we had INSTANT transfers. Because you know its 2020 & that should be a standard. Though eBay says you get paid the next business day, that is NOT true. You get paid whatever THEY want to say has “processed”

Before, if we sold $500 in one day on eBay, we would have ALL of that money instantly, minus Paypal fees. Now, that $500 day is pretty much spread out and pays you over the course of 3 days it seems like.

Again, this is a huge problem for SOME sellers, others this won’t bother. We buy & sell a lot of stuff, having money on hand when we need it is really important. Having the cash to buy something for $1000 to flip is hard when you constantly have to wait for cash.

eBay is our main income, we pay all of our bills through it so the money we have leftover is precious for growth. We are far from rich & we don’t do that much in sales (over $100k a year), but our sales have been very consistent for years.

Being brutally honest, we DO rely on having that money the same day. We need it & don’t understand how eBay could just take this feature away from high volume sellers…

Sure, make new sellers wait to get money until they are proven.
There is NO reason why my store with over 2500 positive feedback and close to $300,000 in sales should be waiting days for our cash.

Do better eBay, it’s 2020.

Offers don’t take customers money

This is a big one & anyone coming from Poshmark or Mercari will be in for a world of hurt…

So when a buyer makes an offer on Poshmark or Mercari, their money is captured and they pay for it automatically if you accept. eBay on the other hand, doesn’t do this & failed at implementing it during the managed payments rollout.

We also wrote about why Poshmark totally sucks if you are interested in that!
You can find that post here!

On eBay, you can run through a million listings and make offers on everything and never pay for them… sure eventually eBay will ban you, but you get the point.

Never have I understood why they cannot just capture the customer’s payment while making an offer. The salesperson in me assumes that they may expect customers to shop your listings a bit more, but that usually isn’t the case. 

Getting offers is always exciting, especially on expensive items or those that have been listed for long periods of time. You get that offer & accept it, but then nothing… sometimes the buyer makes a dumb excuse, others they just never respond.

Our shop doesn’t accept best offers anymore as we had far too many people never pay. Sending best offers to watchers is the best way for conversions in our opinion.

Too often buyers make late-night offers on eBay & then just skip on paying in the morning. 

So yeah, I just don’t understand why it has to be like this, if you have the magical answer please leave it in the comments below!

Outdated system / experience 

This is a funny one, but not acceptable for such a large corporation.

eBay is the OG, they have been around the longest and will weather any storm when it comes to the retail climate. It is too well known worldwide, it’s kinda like Michael Jordan… you don’t have to be a fan to know who he is.

When you’re the old guy on the block, you become a bit heavy and cumbersome. Anyone coming from the Amazon FBA world knows this as well, their back end and systems are just ugly & outdated.

The problem is when you’re growing at such a rate that eBay was back in the day, you make structural changes to your site that maybe are neglected over the years. That’s what it seems like is happening here. For whatever reason, it seems like they haven’t been able to make a 100% shift into a new interface.

Slowly over the years, they have been making changes, but the old stuff still remains.

I wish I could find all of the weird things that I have stumbled upon over the years, but I cant. Typically I found weird stuff when I got errors and was kicked back to a really old page. This below is still a weird old artifact that has just been clearly neglected by the development team. 

If you have an eBay store account, go to seller hub & under “Selling Tools” click “Manage Store”

You get to this page. Looks like it was updated about 5-10 years ago, just doesn’t match their new overall aesthetics at all. This page also sucks because the information should be way easier to access. I’m guessing “Seller Hub” was supposed to replace this, but then why do you still need to go here for some functions?

Go into Sales Reports and you get this really odd waste of space.

Like really guys? Who is working on this stuff? Hire someone on Fiverr to fix this cause your development people are garbage.

So yeah, eBay has some work to do on their back end. Like always, they focus on the Buyer experience & pretty much always neglect the Seller (like every other platform).

Why we stuck with eBay 

It has been a long road now. Lots of ups & downs. SO many low points & wanting to just quit. 

Has it been worth it? Fuck yeah!

This is a really short version of our hustle, if you wanna get to know us some more, check out our About Us!

Our life is very different than it was years ago. No, by no means are we rich with money, but man we are billionaires when it comes to FREE TIME!

The modest income we earn from eBay allows us to be home as a family & do whatever we want ALL day! No more boss, no meetings, & NO commute!

Where we live is pretty great & I don’t have to drive far to get awesome inventory. Now, instead of thrifting 5-10 times a week, I go maybe 2-3 times.

None of this happened overnight, this is years of effort to get to this point.

Clothing is pretty much our full-time income at this point. Sure, we hustle other things, but clothes make up the majority of our inventory!

We document our hustle on here, YouTube & Instagramfollowing all three will give you different aspects of our life!

I hope that this inspired you a bit to start your journey, if you wanna get started selling stuff online, take our Free Course, it’s a fast track to online sales!
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