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Hi, We're Sebby & Shy!

Our lives changed several years ago when we decided to start a side hustle to leave the jobs that we hated.

It started with some used clothes from our closet & turned into a six-figure business in under a year.

Now, we have several side hustles & haven’t had “real jobs” in years. We want the same for you…no need to quit your job just yet, but some extra money couldn’t hurt.

This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme bullshit. Selling used stuff online is hard and takes a while to master. You won’t become rich overnight, but I can teach ANYONE how to make an extra $1000 a month, mostly from home.


Restoring Copper Pan in 5 Minutes For $2.00

Do you want to clean a copper pan, but don't know what the right solution is? Some blogs say vinegar is a miracle, while others preach ketchup... today we will try several methods and see which one will actually help you clean your copper pots & pans! In this...

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