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Sebby & Shy

We hated working for people, so we stopped.

So far we have sold more than 7500 unique items for over $300,000 in just three short years. Our goal now is to inspire others to pursue freedom overworking at a mediocre job that barely pays the bills.

Nothing here is BS or theory. 

Wanna know why we rock? Cause we actually really like each other!  

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Recent Blog Posts

Top 25 Things to Sell Online

Have NO IDEA what to sell online?

I wrote this crazy 6000-word blog post to cover 25 of my favorite categories to sell in!

Anyone can make extra money from home!

We teach normal people how to sell stuff online for a full-time income!

Make money while you sleep!

Our business literally runs 24/7, we wake up to sales. It is a great feeling & EVERYONE should experience it! Trading time for money is SO outdated!

This ain't hard work

We aren’t trying to create another job for you! Our business requires about 20 hours a week of energy, but we do over $100,000 in sales!

YOU make the rules!

Do whatever you want all day! Earn your freedom back & treat every day like a weekend! Not having a stupid boss is great!


What our Junkies say

Resell Junkie gave me the motivation and resources to become my own boss! their teachings have shown how truly EASY it is to make money on my own terms, without having to devote my life to a meaningless 9-5. Quit your day job! thank you seb and shy!

Keira Dawn

Resell Junkie has been a life changer! I went to the thrift store, and using the tips outlined in the guide, sold $500 my first 5 days on eBay! Sebastian and Shyanne truly want to thrive and succeed. I can't thank them enough for giving me the option to stay home with my family, while still making a fantastic income.

Chloe Valdez

I’ve known Shy for 10 years. She helped me see I could start sharing my business on social media. I made enough money selling essential oils last month to pay our mortgage and insurance!!!! She also got me interested in selling clothes I don’t wear in my closet! I’ve already made $500 just on what I did not wear! If you follow their accounts you will gain motivation to change your mindset!

It’s contagious!! 


Linzy Ruth

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