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Hi, We're Sebby & Shy!

Our lives changed several years ago when we decided to start a side hustle to leave the jobs that we hated.

It started with some used clothes from our closet & turned into a six-figure business in under a year.

Now, we have several side hustles & haven’t had “real jobs” in years. We want the same for you…no need to quit your job just yet, but some extra money couldn’t hurt.

This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme bullshit. Selling used stuff online is hard and takes a while to master. You won’t become rich overnight, but I can teach ANYONE how to make an extra $1000 a month, mostly from home.


Best Selling Brands on eBay – Used Mens Clothes Edition

Best Selling Brands on eBay – Used Mens Clothes Edition

Are you a clothing reseller & want to know what brands sell the best on eBay? This will be the post for you! My VA Loreto gathered some awesome data for us all, these are the criteria he used: Used men's clothing Sold in the entire year in 2020 US market only Does...

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